Mid-week poll – Are you travelling light?


Please excuse the lack of review of something new I brought home from Esxence but this week has been quite busy at work and I wasn’t able to find much time for writing. In addition to that I’m leaving on a short, 1-day trip tomorrow morning & I’m quite excited about it, so I hope you understand.

As I’m preparing for departure I thought I will add this poll to the blog. Imagine you’re going on a 1-day trip. Flying in one day and returning on the next one. What perfume would accompany you on this voyage? Personally I would be travelling light, only with hand luggage and with a lighter perfume. I’d try to be mindful of other passengers so I think one of my Prada would be very suitable.

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6 thoughts on “Mid-week poll – Are you travelling light?

  1. Jillie says:

    I think I would go for something lemony or – my current favourite – my old Eau de Givenchy which has hesperidic notes (particularly grapefruit) at first, then delicate white flowers and honeysuckle. It’s light and close-wearing, almost a little soapy, and I can’t imagine anyone who gets near would object. I haven’t smelled the current reformulated, “re-imagined” version …. too frightened! This was always my go to fragrance for the summer and long car journeys.

    My husband always wears Eau Sauvage on trips as he knows that this won’t upset me or my stomach!

    Safe journey, Lucas.

    • lucasai says:

      Eau de Givenchy sounds like a nice choice. I smelled it’s “new” version and it’s not bad at all. Am not familiar with original composition but I suppose current one is lighter. It definitely is inoffensive.

  2. I’d go for light & hesperidic as well, like Chanel’s Paris-Deauville or Serge Lutens Eau de Citronniers. Both scents last but are not intrusive & smell clean but still sophisticated. Enjoy your trip!

  3. Shelly says:

    As mentioned above, probably a light citrus. Most non perfume folks seem ok with it and it seldom projects far.

  4. Undina says:

    “1-day” trip is actually a fly to the destination (so, it’ll be something staying close to skin, Volutes from a tiny roller – my traditional flight perfume for several years, Musc Palida from the sample that I wore on the recent trip, or LDDM from the mini bottle that I’m wearing right now on my fly from the business event), then evening there (so, something that fits to my plans there plus an option, in case I change my mind), then morning-day there (1 perfume for the occasion + 1 spare). For the flight back it would be the same perfume as for the flight in. For me this is light since when I go for vacation I usually take 3 choices per day 😉 All these, of course, either travel bottles or decants.
    I wish you a safe trip!

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