Golden Dreams, Amouage Love Mimosa

Lazy morning. An alarm clock won’t ring today but soft rays of sunlight that are filtering through the blinds somehow manage to reach your face. Your last dream of the night just ended, it was lovely, but once you open your eyes you won’t remember any of it. But it’s ok, because tomorrow you might dream of something even better. You leave the snuggly bed, open the window & look down at the garden. The lawn is glistening from a morning dew, the air still smells of fog. The sky is clear as a crystal. One look at the mimosa and you can’t help but smile. Your little paradise is here. If you can envision an idyll like this one you’re almost there to envision how Amouage Love Mimosa smells.

Love Mimosa unveils with an aquatic, slightly ozonic manner. There’s a certain purity to it, as I inhale it I’m reminded of the scent that assists finding a crystal-clear stream of water flowing through a mountain track. Any time I found one while hiking there was a characteristic aura in the air – it was pure and moist, slightly aromatic. I even recall it having its own flavor if you inhaled the air through your mouth. Cascalone (a Calone relative) molecule provides a fresh, lightweight & watery opening that smells modern yet with a hint of nostalgia. Few minutes later violet leaves join the composition.


Violet leaf brings a pretty dewiness to Amouage Love Mimosa. It makes the perfume more crispy and fresh, with an aromatic background. It’s still dominantly watery but now with a delicate green tinge that adds appeal. When aquatic notes start to attenuate, the fragrance goes through a short phase when it feels very smooth and silky in texture. This however is just a prelude to iris, which arrives in full glamour just a little bit later. It spreads a luxuriously powdery tones that smell dusty, creamy and slightly cosmetic – all at once. This orris accord has many layers of beauty to unfold.

Among many pearlescent facets of iris I have the greatest sentiment for powdery impressions and in Love Mimosa it is exactly that smell that reigns over buttery or creamy nuances. The perfume smells incredibly smooth and tender, almost caressing with its smell. If you try to envision powdery puffs of iris changing color, from white, through pastel shades and finally into brighter and more vivid yellow tones, you’ll be able to smell the seamless way leading to the awakening of mimosa in this perfume. It’s a lazy, very peaceful change that takes time but it’s worth all the wait to enjoy it.

I believe that it’s thanks to this slow transition that allows me to appreciate Love Mimosa and its undeniable charm to the fullest. As yellow color wraps around my skin like a yellow ribbon I start to feel as if I was daydreaming. Powdery aspect of iris as if by a touch of a magic wand becomes deliciously floral & sweet, reminiscent of tiny yellow pompoms that spread their pollen, like particles of magic glitter, upon a slightest touch. A wink from Paradisone enriches the perfume with breezy scent of white flowers that are standing in the background, letting mimosa to stand out even more.


Bright and solar smell of mimosa becomes more mellow and as a note of pear joins the composition of Amouage Love Mimosa a nice fruity touch is added. It’s a fresh, fruited scent, slightly watery at that – it blends nicely with the scent of mimosa flowers, making them more sunny and richer. Eventually the scent becomes creamier, revealing a lovely ylang-ylang which only intensifies the yellowness of Love Mimosa without introducing anything tropical. Ambrox adds a sensual vibe like a sun-kissed skin while heliotrope adds some dimension, structure and depth. A summer dream.

Love Mimosa from Amouage got me charmed from the very first moment and I have absolutely no doubt that it will cast a spell on many other mimosa lovers out there. It’s very realistic and while it has a classic feel to it, it’s quite a modern interpretation of this yellow, pompom-like flower. It would wear fenomenally in spring and summertime so it’s a shame it’s launching with autumn just around the corner. It’s a great work from perfumer Elise Benat. New addition to The Secret Garden collection is housed in a bright yellow Amouage bottle that is very pleasing for the eye. Love Mimosa is not a powerhouse but it lasts well on skin. Its real beauty lies in its subtlety. Can you feel the magic?

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13 thoughts on “Golden Dreams, Amouage Love Mimosa

  1. Perfumelover67 says:

    Beautiful review, Lucas. Thank you! The aquatic and creamy aspect and the iris role in Love Mimosa sounds dreamy. Right up my alley. I love mimosa as a note, so I definitely need to get a sample very soon.

  2. Jillie says:

    Another sunny post. I suppose I always associate mimosa with spring, but I feel that the days are a bit spring-like at the moment – they are shortening, the light is similar and there is a freshness now that the heat has gone. So not such a bad time to inhale the yellow happiness of mimosa.

    • lucasai says:

      I think you’re absolutely right!
      On the other hand Jo Malone released Mimosa & Cardamom at similar time of the year, so there must be something right about mimosa and September.

  3. Undina says:

    I already knew that you liked it, so I’m not surprised to read such a sunny review, but still it makes me happy because it gives me hope that maybe this one will work for me: I’m a little upset by many-many recent Amouage releases, and none of the Secret Garden collection’s previous creations worked for me. But I look forward to trying (and, hopefully, loving) this perfume.
    And you’re right: Mimosa & Cardamom are great in September.

    • lucasai says:

      Further tests only confirmed that I like Love Mimosa a lot so a review has to attest it.
      Amouage doesn’t work for me in general. Last one I enjoyed was Beloved Man. Secret Garden previous releases were meh to me.
      Fingers crossed that you fancy this new one.

  4. Holly says:

    This is such a beautifully written review! I can’t wait to try this as I do love mimosa, and your description is so very enticing!

  5. rickyrebarco says:

    Fantastic review. This sounds sublime!

  6. […] But this is not all the “damage” Lucas has done recently: first he shared with me a sample of Amouage Love Mimosa, and later he found a bottle at a great price, and he, hajusuri and I split it. If you haven’t tried Love Mimosa yet, read Lucas’s great review. […]

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