Between words, fantasy and reality


September came and along with its arrival the heat that was invading Poland finally gave up. This week the temperature was oscillating between 19 and 24°C which feels lovely before the time when the real Autumn kicks in. There’s only 1 week before my holidays so packing preparations have already started for me. I’m looking forward to taking a break from all daily routines.  But summer wasn’t so bad. At my own pace I read two great books: “Queen of Air and Darkness. The Dark Artifices – Book Three” by Cassandra Clare and “Summoner. The Outcast” by Taran Matharu. Both were continued stories and both took me to the world of magic and fast-paced action full of surprises and plot twists. How about you? Did you read something interesting this summer? Maybe you can recommend something for my trip.

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2 thoughts on “Between words, fantasy and reality

  1. Undina says:

    I’m with you on packing and other travel-related stuff. But absolutely no books recommendations: in the last couple of months I was primarily writing not reading. Not a book, unfortunately, but a lot of technical documentation. I think I did several hundred pages, some of those with an extremely intricate plot 😉 But I hope your trip will be so filled with interesting and exciting things that you won’t have much time or energy left for reading :).

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