Golden Tutu, Les Parfums de Rosine Ballerina No.5

There are many thing that can inspire a perfumer to create. There are common themes like travelling, history, famous personas. There is also music but this one can apply to so many different genre. Not just music types as they are but also other things that directly connect to music. Theatre or opera are among ideas of some of the fragrances that are currently on the market. In case of Les Parfums de Rosine, their Ballerina line explores the art of ballet – synergy of music and dance, through scent. Newest addition to this range, Ballerina No.5 was inspired by La Bayadere (1877).

Ballerina No.5 begins with a pleasantly sweet juiciness of mandarin, which gives this perfume not only a citrusy sweetness but also a bit of tang. Orange blossom adds a beige swirl of floral nuances that make the scent more interesting and alive on the skin. After a couple of minutes a candied fruit facet emerges and I wonder if it’s the prickly pear listed as one of the top notes. Rose is very important for all Rosine fragrances and in Ballerina No.5 it plays a role of a leading dancer.

Rose petals in this perfume are inflected with shiny golden threads of gourmand. The rose itself is quite fragrant, aromatic & jammy. The smell of Ballerina No.5 is like a jam made by crushing fresh rose petals with sugar crystals for a very long time. The texture is a bit grainy but the smell itself is smooth. If you like fragrances like L’Artisan Safran Troublant, Lush Rose Jam or even to some extend Phi from Andy Tauer, you might notice a connection between them when it comes to rose.


Heart of Ballerina No.5 still has a lot of plushy rose but candied fruitiness becomes much stronger at this point. My nose picks a particularly standing out, syrupy vibe of lychee – which gives a bit of a tropical vibe to this Rosine creation. Violet petals add a bit of a purple tinge to the scent, introducing more crisp and ozonic feel to the bouquet. The brand lists almond blossom – my only experience ever was with almond blossom face cream from Korres and it has a nice but specific smell, clean and bit aldehydic. Heliotrope gives a nice powdery sensation, with hints of tonka and almonds.

Gourmand element of this perfume smells like caramel in my opinion. It’s more liquid and viscous at first but later on it becomes more buttery & toffee-like. It’s an evident sweetness of Ballerina No.5 that makes it more adult and elegant. Benzoin adds a nice balsamic and resinous quality that also fits in the idea of toffee candy. Gaiac wood provides more substantivity to the perfume but also is responsible for giving some mysterious darkness. It’s a nice effect. Tonka makes the scent more velvety, patchouli and cedarwood make the scent deeper and more dimensional thanks to it.

Thanks to the vanillic, toffee undertone that slowly oozes from this perfume, Ballerina No.5 from Les Parfums de Rosine is more floriental than simply floral. I also liked the word ‘fleurmand’ Jessica used in her review. Perfumer Delphine Labeau created a fragrance that is feminine (it’s actually a bit hard to imagine a men wearing it) but it’s femininity is grown up. It represents a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. It’s a nice choice if you crave something sweet.

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10 thoughts on “Golden Tutu, Les Parfums de Rosine Ballerina No.5

  1. MMKinPA says:

    The bottle is beautiful. I’m not the biggest rose fan so I doubt I will seek this one out but your review is lovely!

  2. hajusuuri says:

    When you mentioned wearing this, I wondered why you were wearing a discontinued perfume as if into were brand new, then I realized I had mistaken Parfums Rosine for Parfums Delrae! In any case, nice description! It reminds me of a dessert I had in Mexico…I will post it on IG!

  3. Holly says:

    You’ve managed to make this sound very appealing even though I’m not a huge fan of rose scents on my skin. Thank you for the review!

  4. Undina says:

    I wish this brand were easier accessible here: Barney’s, one of the niche luxury retailers, used to carry the line, then they stopped (and then even the store had closed).
    It’s hard to say from your description whether I’ll like this perfume. Sweet rose can come any way: I love Phi, like Rose de Praline and hate Rose Jam ;). But that bottle looks nice, and I like your review – so I’ll give it a try one day (unless they discontinue it – do they still have all the previous ballerinas?).

    • lucasai says:

      It’s a shame there is a number of brands that never it very slowly make their way from Europe across the Ocean.
      My personal swertness preferences rather won’t make me use up my two samples.
      I think previous 4 Ballerinas are still available.

  5. rickyrebarco says:

    This sounds beautiful and I must try it. I am a huge fan of Parfums de Rosine. Glam Rose is my favorite from the main line. I have tried some of the Ballerina scents and find them to be very well done.

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