For the Love of Gold – Puredistance Gold giveaway

This post is a part of a joint mini project, a.k.a. giveaway, held by Undina (Undina’s Looking Glass), Vanessa (Bonkers about Perfume), Lucas (Chemist in the Bottle) and Portia (Australian Perfume Junkies) – see details at the bottom of the post.

15 or even 10 years ago niche perfumery was still pretty much a toddler crawling on all fours and slowly learning how to stand. It was back then when more niche brands started to appear and make their first steps into the market. Those were the times when blogging was “the thing” so more people followed, creating their blogs – on which they’d talk about fragrance, each in their very special way. Some of these authors continue to write to a present day, others have moved on and left.

Brands from the niche segment loved bloggers as through their writing they were raising awareness of online communities that Chanel, Gucci and Dior standing on the shelves of perfumeries are not their only choice. Their articles were cherished both by the brands and by the readers. The first ones were happy to provide a free sample for blogger’s considerations. The latter ones slowly started to shift towards niche releases, allowing this part of the market to expand & grow bigger.

But as we all know, nothing remains constant in this world. In 2020 (or actually since few years ago) blogging is no longer “the think”. When instagram boomed a lot of focus from the digital world went there, giving birth to a new media platform where you can not only show yourself but also your product… And advertise it with the help of influencers. Since written world became “old-fashioned” and less attractive, many of the brands stopped providing free samples to bloggers.


Many niche brand owners turned their back on blog writers, some did it more politely, other were more ostentatious about it. But there’s one brand that continues to have faith in bloggers ever since they were founded. That brand is Puredistance. They create extraordinary fragrances of the highest quality and ever since I was writing Chemist in the Bottle they graced me with press release samples of each fragrance they released throughout the years and with unexpected presents that celebrated their milestones. You could say that I felt loved by the brand and that they value my writing.

To me fragrances composed by Puredistance are exquisite, done the right way (read: with no rush) and with utmost care to the detail. And while I have personal favourites in the range, I find all their fragrances to be worth trying. My writing helps you understand the perfume but it’s not a substitute of wearing it, and in case of Puredistance, the skin changes everything. To share the love, along with Undina (who came up with the idea for this project), Vanessa and Portia we’d like to share some GOLD with those of you who otherwise might be not able to try it due to limited distribution.

Each of us is offering a 1.5 ml decanted sample of Puredistance Gold for a person living in the respective region. If you’re based in the US or Canada – you should check out the giveaway on Undina’s Looking Glass. If you’re in UK – check out Vanessa’s Bonkers About Perfume. Readers from Australia – you go and see Portia’s giveaway at Australian Perfume Junkies. And finally, if you’re based in Europe – my giveaway is for you. Only thing you have to do is to comment and tell me where you live. You’ve got time until February 23rd to join this giveaway.

If you’d like feel free to add your SOTD in the entry or if you tried any Puredistance perfume before. Good luck to everyone and make sure to join the giveaway on the correct blog.

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24 thoughts on “For the Love of Gold – Puredistance Gold giveaway

  1. The Plum Girl says:

    Not entering, just saying bravo!
    I happen to be among those who write reviews on blogging platform, and yes, share your appreciation for Puredistance.
    Sending love,

  2. Hamamelis says:

    Hi Lucasai I am in the Netherlands. I am wearing Lustre today, and I think I would wear Gold on any day I would feel like it! I haven’t found a Puredistance that really clicked with me, but given the price I don’t mind. As it is a Dutch brand it would be nice if I would find one I love.

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Hamamelis! Gold is luxurious but it’s the kind of perfume to wear when you want to pamper yourself, no matter when.
      It would be great if you found a Puredistance to love.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Dropping in to say I love your title! I hadn’t really quite grasped this shift to Instagram, being late there myself, but it seems that pictures speak louder than words in the digital age and blogs can come across as a bit old hat. I will carry on for a bit longer though! Also, I thought Undina’s phrase „Europe (without the UK)” was very telling, given recent events. 😉

  4. Sebastian says:

    Hi Lucasai,

    I have just looked at my browser’s feeds folder, and have seen that I follow about 30 perfume blogs. Not counting those of perfume houses or retailers, and not counting anything on Instagram and YouTube. In fact, I dislike both the latter, with one exception, which is the YouTube channel of Wafts from the Loft. I must be old-fashioned. Anyway, perhaps, if there really is a dearth of samples for reviewers, the reasons may be various. For example, the distrust sown by the despicable behavior of self-proclaimed influencers on recent perfume events may play a role. And it would likely affect Instagram at least as much, if not more, than established blogs. The reduced chance of actually being reviewed may also play a role, given the insane number of new perfumes being churned out, the majority of them necessarily being forgettable junk, and that includes the so-called niche sector.

    Well, on to pleasanter things. I do appreciate Puredistance Gold, of which I already own a sample, for the obvious care of its design, and for its being an oriental and that doesn’t smell so obviously like “oriental spice market”. However, it is ever so smooth and polished and satiny. No rough edges anywhere. That is not my style, and I think I wouldn’t wear it, except perhaps for a very quiet evening at home.

    So I’m not entering the giveaway, but I’d like to say how much I like your idea. I have never heard of such a joint blogging effort. It’s so wonderful to see people come together from all over the world, just to give pleasure to others!

    Best wishes,

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Sebastian,

      Yes, you’re right on many of those points. So many things influence one another that even if bloggers didn’t do anything wrong, the general interest in written word went down.

      I think Puredistance Gold is a very soft, polish and round oriental perfume, it doesn’t scream.

      Thanks for sharing your words with us.

  5. shiva-woman says:

    I will head over to Undina in a minute, but I just wanted to say I appreciate what you and also Sebastian had to say; I really don’t pay attention to the YouTube stuff and I’m not on Instagram. I’m an English teacher, so I appreciate the written word, and I have noticed that bloggers kind of disappeared, and that there were fewer missives in my inbox. I just chalked it up to boredom, disinterest, changing fads. I didn’t realize how much video “influencers” had taken over. I don’t like the videos because it takes fo-evah!!! to get to the point! A person will blather on and on about something I don’t care to listen to, then they will take a sniff from a bottle, rhapsodize for a while, with lots of “uh-hems” and “oh, this, oh this…” and I’m thinking can you just give me the NOTES! Can you tell me what the heart is? Paint a picture with the words–I don’t want to have to spend 11 minutes WATCHING YOU smell something. So nope. I’m still with the writing, and I love Puredistance, but I have not had a chance to buy it, and my list is long, and etc. Thank you for all that you and the remaining bloggers do. I think you–and we–are all an interesting bunch, into food, literature, gardening, great film, music, travel–and Scent!

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you so much and good luck in the giveaway for US & Canada.
      I think video reviews would make much more sense if they were more straight to the point rather than a lot of empty blabber.

      Perfume folks sure are a very interesting group with many hobbies and interests.

  6. Alen says:

    I’ve tried for now four of the Puredistance creations (Opardu, Black, M, Sheiduna) and i loved all of them, it’s clearly an amazing house with very special blends. My favourite from the four was M, such a great and refined leather. Thanks for the chance, greetings from Romania ✌🏻

  7. Ingeborg says:

    I have no way of trying the perfumes from this brand now since I haven’t been abroad for ages. I have been curious about several (Opardu and Warszava in particular). I was so sure it was on this blog I had read a glowing review of Warszava, but it seems not (I took a look at your list of perfume reviews).

    I’m in Norway (an EEA country), so we are in many ways part of the European single market, but then not totally! I’m not too sure what postal restrictions apply..I love smooth, old school perfumes (and Puredistance is a brand which seems to make such creations), so please enter me in the draw.

  8. Lorenzo says:

    Hi! I live in Italy, I regularly follow your posts, and me too I’m an admirer of Puredistance work. I own only M, but many others in the line deserve my admiration. So…I’ve not tried Gol yet, this could be the right moment!
    Thanks for the draw!

  9. rickyrebarco says:

    I entered Undina’s contest, but I had to comment on how much I love Puredistance. Everything they create is of the highest quality and all the scents are beautiful. Gold is my favorite of the recent offerings by this house. I’m making my little sample last since I can’t afford to buy Gold in a full size right now.

    • lucasai says:

      Good luck at Undina’s!
      Puredistance has a very high standard and we should praise them for keeping it right where it is. When more and more mediocre stuff appears, they make something better.

  10. Mariann says:

    Hi Lucas I actually live in Chile, far away from most perfume and blogs, but home is Zurich and my family still is there so hope thats ok. Ive only tried White so far but that one I adore. Thanks so much for this neat idea from four of my favorite bloggers!

  11. Undina says:

    I loved your title!
    BTW, you need to update your Reviews page: there is no link to the Gold review there (and some others – I remember looking for something I knew you reviewed and not finding it there). Which reminds me that I need to update my Perfume Profile as well 🙂

  12. Kalinka says:

    I’ve never tried Puredistance parfumes. I am from Sofia, Bulgaria.

  13. Anna-Kaisa Andersson says:

    I love many Puredistance perfumes and Puredistance 1 is one of my favourite perfumes of all time, so I’d be very happy to get a chance to try this. I live in Finland.

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