Saturday Check-in

Hello? Hi! How is everybody doing? I hope you are all doing your best to stay safe and that at the same time you are not lacking anything? How is the situation in your countries? In Poland we are not confined to staying at home only yet but any moving is pretty limited. You can only go out to do the necessary shopping, to go see the doctors (if you had a planned appointment) or you can go to and from work. Currently I continue to work 2-3 days per week in the lab and I try to work the rest of the time from home. Soo… yes, I’m using public transportation but trying to stay hygienic and safe. There also also restrictions to the number of passengers in buses and trams, so that people can keep their distance. Poznań feel like a ghost town these days, busy streets are now empty.

You know, it all started shortly after my mum went to the rehabilitation hospital to train her knee after the surgery. The hospital then took precautions and no visits were allowed. I haven’t seem my mum for a couple of weeks – I’m not counting 2-3 minutes when we could only bring her fresh clothes and towels and pass them through the gate… She’s leaving the hospital on Wednesday next week and I can’t wait to see her again for longer. As for life, I have to admit I hate staying in home office. Since I live by myself there’s nobody I can open my mouth to and talk, so my mood really drops on those days. I’m trying to be positive and hopeful that this madness will end soon. I don’t have anything new to try so I’m relying on good old perfume favorites. They try to cheer me up.

We did our spring forward time change last weekend and it gets dark significantly later now. And the fact that the weather has gotten really spring-like in the last few days (and forecast says we might even have 20°C some time next week) – that makes it even harder to keep the strong will and stay at home when the greenery is calling you. But no, new restrictions forbid entering parks, green squares, beaches, forests and national parks… Because too many people thought nobody is going to go for a walk there which resulted in a crowd. I have to admit that I’ve never been a super social person but now in the time of isolation I’m beginning to understand how much I miss the face to face contact with others. So stay safe, think positively about the future, enjoy perfume you love! Hugs!

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18 thoughts on “Saturday Check-in

  1. AngelaB says:

    Hi lucasi, I wish you and your mum all the best and am happy for your quick reunion. Lucky you, how I would love to be able to see my mother again.
    You have some real beauties in these photos, they are little snippets of art to warm the heart and made me smile. I love your choices too and you made made curious about one of them, Atlelier Des Ors, which is a perfume house I liked early in my perfume
    journey. I would love to hear more about this pick, do you have a post I can refer to? Take good care
    and stay strong.

    • lucasai says:

      Hi Angela!
      Thank you. I’m staying in phone contact with mum but I’m glad she’ll be home for Easter.
      Yes, I was trying to use the nice weather and sun filtering through the windows to take some inspiring perfume shots.

      As to Atelier des Ors, you can find my reviews on the blog, Nuda Veritas from the picture is also among the reviews.

  2. MMKinPA says:

    Keep your spirits up, Lukasz! I live in a suburb so we are “allowed” to exercise outside as long as we keep our distance. Lots of walks where I cross the street whenever someone comes along the sidewalk toward me. I am not working (I am a nursery school music teacher so we are closed) other than occasionally creating videos of our songs for the schools website. Even as an introvert I can see how hard it is for those who live alone to be so isolated, I hope your mother is home soon and healthy! Enjoy those beautiful perfumes.

    • lucasai says:

      Glad you are well and keeping your own precautions. As of yesterday people can’t enter forests and so on because too many people were going there so the risk of contact between people has increased.
      Are you having fun making those videos for the nursery school?

  3. Jay Bleu says:

    At least we still have our fragrance hobbies as a way of escape from it all!

  4. rickyrebarco says:

    I hope you will see your Mum soon! Glad she is recuperating well. We’re doing fine here. People are still allowed to walk through parks if they keep their distance and everyone is doing that so far. I’m walking every morning early before it gets too warm. My son’s hospital is figuring out how to sanitize their N-95 masks to re-use them. None of the hospitals can get new ones so it’s kind of a mess.

    Hugs to you. We’re all in this together. I’m wearing my Chanel Deauville, too, and of course, Purple Rain and Prada Rose.

    • lucasai says:

      Yes, just a few more days! I’m also going to take some days off work around Easter to just stay home.

      You smell faboulous in those difficult times!

  5. Shiva-woman says:

    Hello Lucasi: I’m hopeful your mom will have a speedy recovery with the knee and be back soon to you. These are vey hard times. I’m an introvert too, but hope I miss seeing people and going out. I live in the mountains with no one around, so I set occasional cars drive by. I have gone on Zoom a few times and I really like it! I’ve pulled out all my old Serge Lutens, pre-form and spraying liberally. Life is too short this reminded me. I wore Jeux de peau yesterday for comfort.

    • lucasai says:

      She’s finishing her rehabilitation period (5 weeks) on Wednesday and she’s coming home then.
      I do miss people although in general life I enjoy the time that I spend just with myself.

      Don’t save those great perfume for later, it’s not worth it.

  6. Undina says:

    I really sympathize, Lucas: I would have been completely miserable if I had to stay home alone. I hope, your mom is feeling better, and you’ll get to see her soon.

    My recent weeks were crazy: it seems I have even more work than before the “shelter in place” order. Partially it’s because now I have to do either meetings or Skype chats even with those co-workers with whom I could previously just talk over a cup of coffee in the kitchen or by walking to their desk.

    We’re allowed to go outside for walks/sports activities within 5 miles of the residence with people from the same household. The rest is the same as the most – essential tasks, no gatherings, all offices and non-essential businesses are closed.

    Virtual hugs 🙂 We will chat soon!

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you Undina! It’s hard when you live by yourself and there’s nobody you can speak to in person. Only via phone or chat is the possibility.

      Wow, even more work now that you’re at home. That’s crazy!

      Hope to talk soon.

  7. Tanja says:

    We can go for walks or sports outside alone or with household members. Thankfully we have a big sunny balcony and our apartment is big enough for two. I am wearing Vintage Cabochard today, which fits the weather

    • lucasai says:

      Lucky you, it was allowed here until recently. Now, not anymore. You can leave the house for your mental health but it should be as short and close to your house as possible.

  8. Mariann says:

    On week 4 now after 2 weeks from mandatory self isolation coming back from a trip to Europe and now city wide quarantine here in Santiago. Only allowed to go out twice a week to shop or daily if you have a dog. We are about 3 weeks you and hoping we started early enough! Got a routine and doing ok but I miss running and I miss proper social contacts especially since I’m here alone. But remaining hopeful! Perfume blogs help!

  9. Missionista says:

    Hi Lucas,

    It is hard to be home alone. But I hope you can take comfort from the perfume community online–since this is a worldwide situation, no matter where we are, we’re all in this together! We can all keep each other strong and company.

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