Monday Poll – What’s next?


Without Esxence and with absolutely zero samples of any new fragrances to test I’m seriously running out of ideas for writing. But you are my smart and reliable audience so here I am today – asking you about what would you like to read about? All ideas are welcome and hopefuly one of your comments will spark some idea. But for now I’m wishing you a calm and safe week. Hugs, Lucas.

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14 thoughts on “Monday Poll – What’s next?

  1. Jillie says:

    My mind always goes blank when I am asked for ideas! Although lately I have been thinking about perfumes through the ages, wondering what they were like and how different they were from today’s. Obviously no synthetics were available then, so they used entirely natural ingredients. What would be the nearest equivalents to these now? How did Cleopatra smell? Helen of Troy? Elizabeth I?

  2. Nose Prose says:

    I’m curious whether people have had love-hate reactions to any perfumes. It’s unusual for me but I have met a couple of perfumes with intriguing openings that became unpleasant in the drydown. Maybe some have had the opposite experience?

  3. MMKinPA says:

    As someone who as limited access to new perfumes, I enjoy the reviews of the latest but I also would enjoy a look back at previous releases. I like lists – top ten, favorites for a certain note or style, that kind of thing. Or even a deeper dive into a single note and a comparison of some of the perfumes that you feel best express that note. You have so much knowledge that Iā€™m sure there is much more you can share with us even without new releases!!

  4. Ingeborg says:

    I seriously want to learn a bit more about aroma chemicals, or modern perfume ingredients if you like. I have read some blog posts and articles before, however I find it hard to remember. Perhaps something about mimicking violets or what makes a warm amber accord?

    Or something about substitutes for oak moss? (I am old enough to know it cannot be totally replaced).

  5. shelly says:

    I liked the science ones of your I have read in the past.

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