Summer Groovin’, L’Orchestre Electro Limonade

I don’t know if you feel the same but in the summer time the music seems to play a more significant role in my life. When I’m sitting in the lab trying to work, while outside the heat feels like it could melt you like a popsicle – a good music piece on the radio can make me feel much better even if I know my summer break is still a bit distant. Music + perfume is not a new concept but L’Orchestre collaborates with artists who compose original music especially for the perfume. One of their 2 new releases especially piqued my interest and I’m super happy to introduce it to you today.

In case of Electro Limonade the composition is opened with a resonating smell of aldehydes. I know many of you have a fear for aldehydes as they can have a tendency to smell heavy, kind of oily and old-fashioned-like in general, but don’t you worry now. Here the aldehydic tones are light and effervescent, giving you an impression of something fizzy. On my skin there’s a hint of oiliness as a background note but it disappears in a citrus cocktail. Lemon and clementine alongside Italian bergamot create a refreshing concoction that wakes up the senses and taste buds.

I find this citrus blend to be quite delicious and mouth-watering. Lemon is a bit sugary yet with acidic aftertaste, clementine is super juicy and adds a Mediterranean touch to Electro Limonade. Bergamot stirs things up with a zesty scent of the rind. But it’s mint with is aromatic aspect that turns this perfume into a lovely summery beverage. Every element finds its place, creating a mojito-inspired drink in which aldehydes are like fizzy soda bubbles. Ginger additionally amplifies the vibrant effect of the citrus zing with its own spiced lemony facet. This new composition by L’Orchestre makes me want to lay back and relax. It seems ideal to fight the summer heat.


At this point some of you might think that Electro Limonade is just a typical citrus perfume, another riff on cologne theme. Well, maybe, but to me it’s way more interesting than half of the scents from the same category. Further into fragrance development the perfume starts to reveal a wider palette of colors. As threads of pinkish red and soft green start to contrast over the yellow citrus background – rhubarb comes to the fore. Its fruitiness, tart, refreshing, slightly bitter, provides an interesting twist. Orange blossom introduces a sunny radiance to this perfume, it’s a pure, slightly soapy floral vibe. It emanates warm light that softens the edges, making an aura of this new L’Orchestre a bit hazy.

For the next few hours the perfume stays relatively linear white the top and heart notes of the composition gradually float up, dissipate, making the scent lighter and more transparent. Even in a fresh fragrance like Electro Limonade there’s room for some sensuality. Amberwood molecule which evokes cedar wood with elements of dusty ambergris gives the drydown a bodily type of warmth. Swirls of frankincense have a resinous, balsamic aroma with a firewood feel in the back. They add an element of evening mystery while woody dryness of vetiver is almost like a bit of gin. The perfume is perfectly unisex but late drydown is definitely the most masculine phase here.

Electro Limonade by L’Orchestre is a lively perfume that feels more than pleasing when worn on the skin. I especially enjoyed it when I tested it last Saturday in 34°C – it felt like a refreshing glass of lemonade. Perfumer Natalie Feisthauer created a well-thought fragrance inspired by traditional eau de cologne which she upgraded to current day. Considering how much I like my citrus compositions that I recently finished (or am about to finish) some of my bottles, I could see Electro Limonade in my collection. This eau de parfum is available in 100 ml bottles. As it is the case for all fragrances in L’Orchestre range this perfume also has its own soundtrack. This one was created by NIID.

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8 thoughts on “Summer Groovin’, L’Orchestre Electro Limonade

  1. Jillie says:

    I suppose it’s no coincidence that we refer to perfume “notes”! Composing music to accompany the fragrance is such a clever, attractive idea.

    Electro Limonade seems perfect for the overwhelming heat we are experiencing at the moment (and I think I could almost be tempted to drink it!).

    • lucasai says:

      Yes, there must be something true about music notes and perfume notes being connected.

      I think you’d like Electro Limonade. It would suit well as a company perfume for your special panna cotta.

  2. L’Orchestre Parfum says:

    Thank you so much l. I really enjoyed re-discovering our new electro fragrance through your words. Reading you made me go back to the roots of this creation and it felt really good my friend 🙏🏻✨ bravo also for the real finesse of your descriptions. Take care. Pierre

    • lucasai says:

      Wow! I did not expect that founder of the brand will take their time to read my impressions. Thank you very much for that. And a heartfelt thank you for your kind words. It was fun discovering Electro Limonade thanks to Quality Missala from Warsaw. Your collaboration with Nathalie Feisthauer is a beautiful one.

  3. rickyrebarco says:

    Wow, this fragrance, sounds really great. I had not heard of the brand L’Orchestre before but I will seek it out now. Electro Limonade sounds head and shoulders above the average citrus scent for sure. Citrus with aldehydes? Yes, please!! And ginger and rhubarb, too? Yaasss! Can’t wait to find and try this one!!
    Fabulous review, as always. Thanks!!

    • lucasai says:

      Glad the description makes you think optimistic about Electro Limonade. To be honest I haven’t heard about this brand either until they became available in my favorite niche perfumery from Warsaw last year, and the brand debuted in 2017.
      Hopefully you’re able to find a place that carries this line so that you can test.

  4. Undina says:

    I think I’ve previously “heard” of the brand. Their sampling program is quite good, unfortunately, they ship only to Europe. But I’m sure that sooner or later they’ll get to here as well.

    Great review! I like everything in your description but rhubarb – not a fan of this note in general, though sometimes it works. And I didn’t like the name, but if I like the perfume, it won’t matter.

    I’ll listen to the composition tomorrow: who knows, maybe it’s a fitting name for both perfume and music?

    • lucasai says:

      You might have heard about them before. I also wrote about their Flamenco Neroli in one of 2019 summer posts.

      I think rhubarb would not bother you in this perfume – it’s not very prominent.

      I liked listening to that soundtrack, it’s got a nice mood to it.

      If you wanted to make use of that sample set you could always order it to my place and I can forward it to you with next package.

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