Satin Embrace, Puredistance Rubikona

In the times of global disease it’s the little things that matter, that help us hold on to remnants of our sanity. Perfume is that small thing that links us all, no matter how great the distance between is or how bad the times are. And if it’s a new fragrance from the brand that you genuinely admire, the spark of interest quickly ignites a larger flame. Luckily Puredistance still cares about written critique and I’m thankful for receiving a generous package to live my own experience with this new composition. With its name born from the junction of words ruby and icon, it’s meant to be an iconic creation that’s rich & intense, just like this blood-red gem. I often envision Puredistance fragrances as personified – to me each of them represents a peculiar silhouette. If Rubikona was a human, it would be a tall-standing woman in a tailor-made ruby-hued dress made of satin, so that it beautifully accentuates all the curves of her body. With warm personality, easy to make friends with.

There is no loud fanfare to announce Rubikona the moment you decide to apply the perfume on your skin. It’s simply not that type of personality to seek excess attention. In fact the composition opens with a faintest whisper of citrus notes of mandarin, grapefruit & bergamot. I know, you can see them among the top notes of every other modern fragrance but let me tell you that the refinement of Puredistance make it smell like nothing even remotely close to the hesperidic cocktail. There’s a peculiar feeling of something fresh and tart but it doesn’t resemble citrus when you smel it. I should also mention that these notes are so subdued that they slipped my attention a number of times. On me it’s the heart notes that lead this composition – their warmth is revealed in less than 5 minutes.

Rubikona with its grand bouquet of flowers has cocooning properties that cling to your skin and envelop it like a memory of a hug from a dear person. Smoothness of ylang-ylang thanks to its richness and heady, almost tropical character creates an impression of a pastry cream of top sort. A beautiful & sensual density is born from this perfume when powdery marriage of rose petals and slightly buttery iris greet our noses with undeniable charm & elegance. There’s a grown-up aura to the new Puredistance and the combination of these 3 flowers I just mentioned gives off a cosmetic vibe temporarily. I can’t escape this association with a lipstick our mothers or grandmothers would wear. Yet the fragrance is far removed from the boudoiresque cliche a lipstick note could cause.

Flowery accents of Puredistance Rubikona not only warm up due to one’s skin, they also warm up thanks to the notes that have been deliberately woven into the canvas of this perfume. Clove introduces a warm and tender spiciness to the fragrance that eventually blends so well with the floral tones that it transforms itself into carnation – a flower on fire & enriches the composition with piquant, somewhat flaming accord. This chord feels very warm on the skin and has its own dose of sex appeal. It’s a sensuality served in an elegant and poised way. Nothing is overdone here and each element has its exact place. As the perfume effuses I notice some airiness with a hint of orange blossom freshness here. It’s making the creamy notes lighter and more wearable. Tres chic!

As you can imagine (and hopefully you’ll smell it soon!) the floral accord of Rubikona is multifaceted but at the same time it remains integral at all times. Each element plays a significant role in the composition and were it skipped, the perfume as a whole would feel as if it was lacking something. Luckily we get to experience all of these various floral tones. It’s kind of like perfectly synced singers when their voices become like one during a performance. This multidimensional character can be also compared to a ruby that gave name to the new Master Perfume from Puredistance. The gemstone can be cut in various ways & can be given different shapes. Each will have a unique pattern of reflecting the light. But they are all rubies, just like each flower is a part of this accord.

Puredistance Rubikona mellows down over time and the individual aspect of each flower becomes more blurry. This results in a wonderfully composed accord which slowly undergoes some small rearrangements as it lingers on the skin for the next couple of hours. This enjoyable time leads us to the base notes among which patchouli takes a prime. I find this ingredient to be though-provoking in this perfume because on one hand it’s earthy, moist but then again it’s also leafy & almost soapy fresh. Definitely a couple of different patchouli fractions must’ve been used here. It’s elegant but with a wild side. Dryness that is slightly peppery reveals a cedarwood note that gives some weight to the composition. Thanks to it the perfume feels more grounded and organized, with good structure.

All those impressions created by patchouli and cedarwood give Rubikona a twist that make is smell dry & aromatic, in a similar manner the mossy tones are perceived. I might’ve persuaded myself but I think now is the time when I pick some bergamot peel going on. All those elements come together like puzzle pieces – new Puredistance is a finely tailored noveau chypre. Even the musky tones that appear hours later, bearing a delicate vanilla flavor fit in the concept of this genre. But unlike many chypres that feel heavy and that can give that weird aura of something looming in the shadows, Puredistance Rubikona has this unexpected lightness that makes it radiate solar power that is full of positive energy & good attitude. This gentle yet rich chypre base stayed with me until the day ended.

Rubikona, like any other creation from Puredistance, is a perfume that is overflowing with elegance & sophistication. All the key values of the brand are included in this intricate fragrance composed by Cecile Zarokian. It’s hard to believe that the 1st idea for this perfume was born in Jan-Ewoud’s head back in 2017. The main concept was changed a year later – that’s how it was meant to be. It’s a classy & chic chypre that has all the traits of becoming an icon of modern perfume art. The impeccable quality and 28% perfume oil concentration make Rubikona a very long lasting perfume. I could still smell it on my skin after taking a bath. This perfume is definitely more feminine but because it’s niche at its best, men can also wear it should he desire to do so. The debut of Puredistance Rubikona is today, October 15th – a new Master Perfume (an extrait) will be available in 17,5 ml, 60 ml & 100 ml flacons in ruby red color, presented in a dark blue lined giftbox.

Don’t forget to check out the blog next week for a chance to win a sample of Rubikona.

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11 thoughts on “Satin Embrace, Puredistance Rubikona

  1. Jillie says:

    What a beautiful and evocative review of what sounds like an exceptional perfume. I had tears in my eyes at the beginning, as you write of the need for comfort in these sad times, and remembered loving hugs from grandmothers and mother years ago ….

    But this obviously isn’t a comfort fragrance, although it can bring comfort. It’s subtly sophisticated and glamorous – those notes are pretty wonderful – and I love the fact that it still lingered on your skin even after bathing, proving its richness (a rare quality these days!). I also love the colour of the bottle. Altogether it seems pretty perfect.

    Here’s wishing well for Puredistance’s new creation.

    • lucasai says:

      I’m very flattered that you say that the beginning of my review made you teary.
      I think you’d enjoy Rubikona very much.
      Because there’s 28% of fragrance there the longevity is really outstanding.

      Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

  2. hajusuuri says:

    You write so beautifully of this wonderful perfume. The first thought that came to mind for this upon first spray was “root beer” and coming from me, it’s a compliment!

    • lucasai says:

      Root beer? That’s interesting. I will think about it the next time I wear Rubikona to see if I might find similar association.

      Thank you for the compliment.

  3. Undina says:

    I love reading your reviews for perfumes that you like. For me, the more I like perfume, or the more original it is, the harder it is to describe the scent itself. And I like Rubikona very much :).

    It’s a photo shoot day today: I’ll try to persuade Rusty to pose with the bottle of Rubikona. We’ll see how it goes.

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you sweetie. For me when I like something it’s actually easier to describe it. Good that you and Hajusuuri like Rubikona.

      Crossing my fingers that Rusty lives up to your readers expectations. This shall earn him a couple of treats.

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  6. Stunning review – I can only agree with what Undina said, and pay tribute to your way with words about this one. I especially liked your comment on the multi-dimensional character of the perfume and how that echos the variety in rubies themselves.

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