Two from April Aromatics to bring hope & comfort

2020 has brought a lot of stress and misery to us all. Months of being confined in your own home space and not being able to interact with others in person surely wasn’t good for our mental health. Later in the year we could see the reports & surveys that proved that people started feeling more lonely or close to depression in more extreme cases. In perfumery, especially among smaller, independent brands you can see how this reflects in the style of fragrances that are being created. These new compositions are calming, comforting, healing for the soul. For April Aromatics and Tanja Bochnig it was only natural to use her holistic approach while composing in 2020.

First thing that comes to my mind upon smelling Lotus Rising is comfort. First whiff brings something earthy to my nostrills but in a matter of seconds the perfume transforms completely. After that brief moment it turns into cocooning goodness that to my nose smells spicy in a sweet way, like a warm scent of sweet cloves or cinnamon bark dipped in confectioners sugar. It’s a very comforting smell that puts you in a dreamy state within seconds. This fuzzy, plush warmth becomes gradually richer as it evolves into more floral tones. Lotus Rising reveals a creamy, lactonic frapgipani and champaca flower that harmoniously sing their flowery song, soothing the senses as they do so. Peace and calmness are two great virtues of this April Aromatics fragrance. Heart of the composition feautures some watery-floral tones. Still surface of the water lets the lotus flower emerge. A bloom that looks like a new year’s eve firework bursting, the harmony of pink and blue kisses the skin with an extraordinary scent. Tanja used some very special lotus absolutes and thanks to her understanding of natural materials, these flowers can bloom on skin so beautifully. A little sweetness of rose, rich character of jasmine in the background and iris dust on top of the silky lotus petals add extra charm to Lotus Rising. Some perfume bring light & hope to sad, gloomy days. This is exactly what this fragrance does. Only 30 pieces of this limited edition fragrance were made, so if it sounds like something you might like, you’d better act fast or you won’t be able to try it…

When it comes to sweet, gourmand fragrances I am not the biggest connoisseur of those. Obviously I prefer to satisfy my sweet tooth by eating something delicious rather than smelling it only (although I try to be good and not eat too much since my goal is to keep the new weight) but there’s one thing that really bothers me… I find it quite pretentious how French brands (mostly) put an equal sign between vanilla and oriental family. “It’s an oriental, you know, it’s got vanilla inside” – this makes me giggle. Jokes aside now. If you desire a divine, superb vanilla that sends shivers down your spine, you must try Vanilicious. It’s a beautiful mixture that uses a bunch of vanilla varietes among which Bourbon vanilla is the most pronounced. There’s no excess sweetness here. The fragrance opens with a rich, dark brown scent of real vanilla beans. It’s quite resinous, gooey and delightfully boozy. Tonka gives it a charming smoothness while Peru balsam provides more dimension and depth. More grounded & earthy tones come up later in the fragrance development. They also unveil a golden tobacco note that has a chewy, aromatic feel to it. Precious woods with sandalwood at the fore give Vanilicious a substantive base so that it lasts for a surprisingly long time. It’s a beautiful perfume, very enveloping and comforting. The best thing about this vanilla concoction is that it’s totally drool-worthy and that it’s not sweet at all. It’s an adult vanilla if you want to call it like that. This one is not limited edition so I hope you can try it at some point.

We already bid farewell to 2020. We expressed our grudge towards that year and all the bad things it brought. We also expressed our hopes and dreams for a new year when the clock struck midnight on the last night of December. 2021 should be a better year but there’s not knowing what the future holds. That’s why I’m grateful for amazing fragrances and for talented & intelligent perfumers. They all took off some weight from the last year experiences. Thanks to Tanja of April Aromatics and her Lotus Rising & Vanilicious, these dark and cold winter days will feel much brighter.

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12 thoughts on “Two from April Aromatics to bring hope & comfort

  1. Hamamelis says:

    Hi Lucas, wonderful review and I totally agree. Both are beautiful scents. I don’t smell the watery-floral tones in Lotus Rising but I recognise the rest of your description. I find Lotus Rising to be a much deeper floral than the name would suggest, it is unlike anything I have ever smelled. Vanilicious is indeed the vanilla for grown ups!

    • lucasai says:

      Hiiii! I’m happy to hear that you agree. Yes, lotus usually suggests something watery-floral but this has more depth and richness.

      Vanilicious is lovely thanks to its resinous facets 🙂

  2. hajusuuri says:

    Woohoo! Thanks for the reviews. Lotus Rising and Vanilicious were the two I added to my collection at the end of 2020. They are beautiful compositions and you described them perfectly!

  3. Jillie says:

    I smiled at the thought that people believe that vanilla is oriental! Not to my nose, although I suppose vanilla is added to a lot of “oriental” style perfumes these days, and it has long been considered sweet (it’s a note added to confectionary and ice-cream, so that exaggerates the concept). In its pure form it is neither sweet nor oriental. I too don’t care for anything too gourmand, and used to captivated by L’Artisan’s Vanilia, which was more ylang-ylang than vanilla – it became quite an addiction of mine. I think I would like to be wearing that now, as you have reminded me of it. It would be a promise of sunshine and light. If I could make myself search for that old bottle, I think I might feel happy!

    • lucasai says:

      It’s somehow stereotypically associated with oriental accord. I think I’m not familiar with that L’Artisan but if ylu think its smell will make you happy you should go for it

  4. rickyrebarco says:

    Wow, these both sound amazing! I had tried a few of April Aromatics original offerings and they didn’t work on my skin. I will have to give these a try and see if I might be able to wear them. I’m making myself go through all my current samples first, though! Determined to have sample organization this year

    • lucasai says:

      Sorry to hear that what you tried was not great. My first love was Calling All Angels.
      Fingers crossed for successful going through your current samples.

  5. Undina says:

    Wonderful review! I’m almost persuaded :). Unfortunately, my success rate with AA is such that I’m hesitant to pay money to test new perfumes from the brand. It upsets me because I like the brand and the perfumer and I absolutely adore Under den Linden. But both you and hajusuuri liked it… I don’t know, maybe I should check these… I knew I shouldn’t have read your review! 😉

    • lucasai says:

      Thank you my dear. Sorry that only Unter den Linded really worked for you.
      I know Hajusuuri has both, maybe she can share a tiny sample with you to test? Or I can share my samples with you too, although thst would mean you have to wait much longer til you try em.

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