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Let there be rain, Prada Purple Rain

Dear diary, it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m currently sitting by my desk, with a table lamp switched on. I just brewed a big mug of hot tea because it’s cold… Just when I thought that a warm and pleasant temperatures of late spring are going to continue, the weather turned bad again. Especially today – it’s not only cold but it’s also windy and rainy. Such a dark and gloomy day. But it’s okay, we need a weather to change once in a while & rain is very welcome at the moment. Last summer, autumn and even winter were all really dry, the Earth is craving for more water so that we can enjoy delicious fruit in coming months. Even though such conditions outside make me feel sleepy, I’m not feeling down because I’m wearing a special perfume today. Its name – Prada Purple Rain.

Olfactories Collection was introduced by Prada in late 2015 and it’s a second line exclusive to the boutiques of this fashion and accessories designer. Purple Rain is 1 out of 10 fragrances that this collection consists of. As a true lover of the brand I was enamored I was able to put my hands on this creation (I also got decants of a few more), even thought I risked a blind buy of it. Composition of Purple Rain opens (at least to my nose) with a very gentle wave of aldehydes. They carry a more oily aroma that feels structured and refined, also very elegant. The opening gives the impression of touching a lightly textured fabric. After a few minutes this aldehydic impression fades away and the fragrance becomes more heavy and substantive, yet not overpowering.

Iris is a beautiful lady in a grey dress in this perfume and as the composition develops more new facets of the note are revealed. On my skin the aldehydes from the opening seamlessly evolve into tender orris scent. The remaining oily feel from before becomes more solid over the next couple of minutes before the buttery smell of iris becomes a dominating element of Purple Rain. It’s a very rich smell that feels soft, almost velvety. Like a luxurious veil that wraps around you and clings to your skin, melting together into one with it. After some time the richness of this part becomes less prominent but on the other hand this Prada gains a new quality in a darker and lightly sweet feel that I think is vanilla. Not a gourmand but more oriental, resinous type of vanilla.

purple-rainAs the time goes by iris becomes more dissipated. The buttery texture is slowly gone, meanwhile the iris becomes more and more powdery. This iris powder still has a slightly sweet feel of vanilla and at the moment it feels more like it’s becoming slightly sweeter. The powdery vibe in Purple Rain by Prada is very sophisticated here and there is something about it that makes me think of it as chic and modern. The impression I get immediately makes me think of a very expensive powder that some diva could apply to her body with a big, fluffy puff to gently scent her body. Purple Rain on its own feels like a beauty ritual one could experience in SPA resorts. At some point the powdery facet of iris becomes more floral, closest guess would be violet I think.

Few hours later the evolution of iris tones veers towards more woody aspects of this accord. Woody and slightly earthy facet of iris feels a bit damp initially, as if someone just pulled an orris root straight from the wet ground. This feeling quickly fades away and becomes the very opposite when vetiver joins the composition. Because of the vetiver the drydown of Purple Rain feels really dry. There is also something quite aromatic to it. Even for some time I thought that it smells more like dry hay and coumarin. It also feels slightly green and somewhat grassy. The final touch to the scent is a hint of neroli which adds this gentle fresh & floral undertone. A lovely way to round the entire composition.

Prada Olfactories Purple Rain is a luxury in a bottle and everything seems perfect about it if you ask me. Starting from the most important thing – the flawless juice. Moving on to the design of a bottle which is just gorgeous, the bottle is nice and heavy and it feels special when you hold it in your hand. The cap is a crown of the bottle, it also has a nice weight, it’s a magnetic type and on top it has an embellishment of Prada logo. This composition is of course signed by Daniela Roche-Andrier of Givaudan who kind of became an in-hourse perfume of the brand. Purple Rain feels as if it combined all the best from all different variations of Infusion d’Iris. The fragrance is an eau de parfum and it has a good longevity and moderate sillage. Bottle is 100 ml.

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Song of Rainbow Fairies, Dusita Splendiris

There are books that are written so well that you just can’t stop reading until you learn what happens to the main character at the end of the tome. There are movies that are so relatable that they make us feel as we’re part of the story. There’s music that touches the right chords of our hearts and moves us to tears. Finally there are perfume that are so masterfully composed that their smell takes us to another world, a world only we know. Splendiris from Parfums Dusita is like a magic wand that opens the door to a realm where fairies, wizards, pixies and many other fantastic beings dwell. Nothing is impossible there. Shall we step into this world together to discover its wonders?

The world of Splendiris welcomes you with a sheer citrus juiciness that is so ethereal that it feels more as if someone scented their silk scarf with bergamot, blood orange and mandarine and walked on the same path few moments before you. The trail still lingers in the air but you can’t tell in which directions the owner of the scent went. None of these citrus notes is particularly accentuated, although I find the sweet scent of mandarine to peak slightly above the others. Couple of minutes after this journey began the perfume blooms and soon will reveal a whole palette of colours.

Violet leaf creates an ozonic, watery facet that is reminiscent of the smell of the air after the rain. Crispy green fragrance of the leaves adds a touch of freshness and a dewy feel to Splendiris. While violet leaf is more like geranium or even mint there’s also a hint of fig leaf which creates more dry, verdant and sappy impression. Even though there’s a rainy aura associated with this part of the scent, it’s more like a happy summer rain that might bring rainbow as soon as the sun comes out. This perfume sure has a lot of charm and any part of it feels just magical & tickles one’s imagination.

Pissara used some carrot seeds while working on Splendiris – they add a vegetal facet to the perfume and makes for a perfect introduction to what’s coming next. Everything changes when violet joins the composition. From this moment the latest Dusita fragrance turns sensual and full of powdery nuances. Violet introduces a spectrum of delicate and refined floral tones but at the same time there’s some candy sweetness to it in the background. There’s a part of flowers that are fresh while some of the petals have been candied or even turned into violet flavour powder candy.


It’s a faint kind of sweetness but it’s enough to make you want to lick Splendiris off your skin. Just don’t do that or you’ll miss something even greater. Iris is the queen in this world – she enters with a fanfare of buttery and powdery deliciousness that just makes you want to melt and become one with it. In Splendiris it’s just so gorgeous that it makes me weak in the knees any time I wear it. There’s something very unusual about this orris. Even though irises are considered odorless this perfume makes me believe that I was also smelling its silky petals in addition to the precious rhisome.

After some time this magnificent iris of Splendiris blooms on the skin even more, now showing its true colours. Its flower is not only blue or purple as the most commonly known. The perfume also bears hues of yellow, white, creamy, burgundy and even more brown-ish shade. It’s like wearing a magic spell on your skin and when vanilla appears it allows orris to become more creamy & slightly gourmand. At this stage of development there was also a moment when I detected a grain note of wheat, very close to one found in Erawan. For a change it’s more dry and grassy in character.

Splendiris continues to surprise me until the very end. The drydown, which is still overflowing with iris, now starts to solidify and develops woody aromas that would serve as a base for the main star. Here vetiver – green, herbaceous and slightly coumaric as hay combines with cedarwood which is much more substantive and surrounds the wearer with a woody scent that is unpolished but still in style. Ambergris with its salty-flavored depth and sensuality ensures long-lasting of the fragrance on skin, letting you enjoy this beauty until your day is over. And what a grand day it must’ve been.

Everything feels so right and in place when it comes to Splendiris by Parfums Dusita that I think Pissara Umavijani must’ve connected with each raw material, iris in particular, on a spiritual level to pour so much beauty into this fragrance. Or maybe she was guided by some unworldly powers? But that not the most important. What really matters is that Splendiris is a truly splendid perfume that lives up to the name it was given. To me this is a flawless fragrance and I know I’m going to enjoy my bottle, which looks like a precious gem with this light purple colour of the juice. It’s a kind of perfume Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” or Wendy from a tale about Peter Pan would wear.

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