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Dolce Vita – Dolce Estate

Dear friends, as mentioned in my review from few days ago here comes the time of the year again when I’ll be going on my summer vacation. Even though I could visit a brand new place I’ve never been to, I decided to go to Italy for a 3rd year in a row. But this country has so much to offer that I feel it’s going to be a whole new adventure, because… I’m going to Sicily! And I’m so excited! I didn’t feel like doing my own planning this year, so I decided to book a trip via travel agency.


Schedule of the trip is packed with seeing the most iconic and valuable places across the entire island, I really can’t wait to see it all – especially that I prefer sightseeing rather than lying on the beach.  I’ll be there for a week and then come back home for a few days of beeing lazy – only to return to Italy the next week to join Pitti Fragranze in Florence. I love combining my summertime to enjoy wonderful places and new perfume. Travel & fragrance – 2 of the things that make me happy. Combined together!

I hope that you had a great summer & that you enjoyed reading the reviews I served in June, July and August. I’m happy and proud that I could share my impressions of so many perfume this season. Now is the time for a well-deserved break. Except a short stay at home between 10-12 of September, I will be returning to Poland on the 18th. By following and checking my Instagram you can have a peek at how my trip goes. For now I’m saying ‘arrivederci’ & sending big hugs your way!

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Travelling Box of Perfume – Update

Thanks for everyone’s interest in joining my Travelling Box of Perfume project, there’s quite a few of you who want to participate & that makes me very happy. With a current poll of participants I think that most optimal route for our box packed with scented goodies would look more or less like this:

Poland (Lucas) → Finland (finanna) → Belgium (cafecosmetique) → Spain (Gabriela) → New Jersey (Hajusuuri) → Pennsylvania (MMKinPA & Coin-op) → Michigan (realbliss) → Texas (Nancyleandros) → California (shelly, Shiva Woman, Undina, Lisa D)


However before we proceed any further there are a few more things to clarify.

  • Clarissa1812, you didn’t specify from which state you are, please update so I can insert you in the right place of the route.
  • Gabriela, since being most to the West in Europe you are ‘closest’ to the US. My question is – can you ship a perfume package without any problems from Spain to America?
  • In case of participants from Pennsylvania and California – if I know cities where you’re based I can determine order myself, or I can leave it for you to discuss.

Considering the fact that I’ll be going on my annual summer vacation at the beginning of September I believe that our Travelling Box of Perfume won’t be ready for its departure until end of that month. This is probably for the best as the content will avoid transit in high temperatures. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions you’re welcome to share, there’s still plenty of time. You can also still sign up to participate in this project if you haven’t made up your mind yet. The Box is waiting for you.

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