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Smell you later


Things have gotten serious. Coronavirus is spreading its tentacles all across Europe and day by day more people are being diagnosed. At the moment in Poland there are 150 people who got infected and 3 people died. As of late last week all schools, universities and other public places like swimming pools and cinemas have been closed for the next two weeks. People are being sent to work from home. I myself will start working shifts tomorrow, so that I’m in the lab only when it’s necessary. Surely the most dramatic situation takes place in Italy where the number of victims is frightening. No surprise Esxence has been cancelled for 2020 and is now postponed until February 2021. We need to survive this crisis. I wonder if brands are going to postpone the launches they planned for this spring. I hope I will get to smell at least some new things during this difficult time. For the time being you all take care of your safety and let’s keep in touch online. Sending hugs!

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And the winner is…

… Alen!

Congratulations! You just won a sample of Puredistance Gold in the giveaway project organized together with Undina, Vanessa and Portia. Looking forward to find out about other winners.


Please drop me an email (please use a blog contact form) with your full postal address and I’ll try to have your sample shipped as soon as possible! We all really hope we’ll help sharing the love for Puredistance with this giveaway. Many thanks to all who participated in this project.

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