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2191 Days of Perfume – giveaway winners

It seems like it was too much of me to ask you to come up with perfume riddles and try solving those from other readers. It’s a shame as I really though it was a good idea and that many people will try to get involved… guess I was wrong or the challenge was too difficult. It would be unfair for those who actually participated, therefore allow me to present 3 winners of this 6th anniversary giveaway!

1st place – Hajusuuri, who scored 5 points by making two riddles and guessing one right,
2nd place – Undina, who scored 4 points by making one riddle and guessing two right,
3rd place – Shiva-Woman, who scored 1 point by guessing one riddle correctly.

Please send me emails with your full shipping details and in case of first two rewards make sure to not forget to include your fragrance choices. Thanks for participating and congratulations!

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Perfume Fact No. 2


Did you know that atranol and chloroatranol are two main constituents responsible for a characteristic smell of oak moss (Evernia prunastri) and tree moss (Evernia furfuracea). As you surely know moss is an essential ingredient in the making of chypre fragrances. Until mid of last year neither atranol nor chloroatranol were restricted or prohibited. This is chaging now – after extensive research on IFRA side proving that both of these chemicals cause strong allergic reactions, European Commision has decided to update the law, prohibiting atranol and chloroatranol as a result, effective of August 23, 2017.

By mid 2019 only products conform to new standards can be placed on EU market and by mid 2021 all non-conform products must be removed from the market. Do you think this restriction on atranol and chloroatranol will have a negative effect in perfumery? Is chypre in danger? Do you even like chypre as a perfume family? What are your favorites? One of mine is Parfum d’Empire Azemour.

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