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What inspires – Introduction to Esxence 2019

Can you hear the Spring knocking at your door? Even though the weather still has mood swings (yesterday it brought us snow again!) there are too many signs in heaven and earth to ignore the fact that new season is almost here. In my neighborhood many tiny green buds started appearing on trees and bushes. Since 2014 there’s one more special event to mark in my Spring calendar – Esxence in Milan. To be honest with you at the beginning of this year I still didn’t know if I’ll attend, there was a lot of uncertainty and many events going on in my life. But now I decided that I’m going!


This 11th edition of Esxence, and at the same time a 6th one for me (can you believe?) is taking place surprisingly late this year – at the end of April, when it was at the end of March usually. It’s definitely going to be warmer but I wonder if magnolia blooming season will be over by the time I come to Milan again… This year’s motto is Inspiration Flow, which refers to the creative process. It’s also a play in Italian words inspirare-inspiring and ispirare-inhaling. Will the upcoming edition of the perfume fair bring a breath of something new & exciting? We’ll find out in 1,5 months.

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Busy bee


Dear friends, please excuse my silence for the rest of last week. Turns out that on Monday evening I started developing a cold which completely blocked my nose for the next couple of days. I started feeling better on Thursday, which is usual case for me – after 3 days it’s mostly gone. Right now I’m only left with a bit of a cough which I hope will disappear soon.

First half of the new week will be very busy for me at work. We’ll be having guests from Spain and UK coming over for 2 days for a visit. I need to prepare some stuff before their arrival and then once they’re here we’ll have a lot of things to discuss and a bunch of fragrance samples to smell. It should be interesting & I hope the discussion will be fruitful.

That said, I won’t be able to post anything new until Friday probably. Please bear with me. From the positive news – The Travelling Box of Perfume is with Shiva Woman and will be soon dispatched to Lisa D., so it seems you might be expecting a box update soon. I’m really looking forward to it.

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