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Small Things that Brighten Life: Cycling with a View

In times of the quarantine it’s a tad more difficult to stay cheerful and keep up the smile on one’s face. I guess I might consider myself “lucky” since we are not in a forced lockdown here in Poland, and being outside can give me a reason to feel better about the whole situation. But no matter if you have to stay at home all day and all night or if you can leave your place for an hour to do necessary shopping, we all little bits of positivity. Be it a perfume, a book, TV series, you name it. If you’re still into reading perfume blogs (I know, it’s so passee now) you surely know Undina. On her blog she has a series of posts titled “Small Things that Brighten Life” in which she simply talks about things and situations that became memorable by having a story to them and that made her day better.


I noticed that she hasn’t added any new post to that series for over a year now and hopefully that doesn’t mean Undina is unhappy ever since. I decided to grab the batton and tell you about something that brightened my life recently. Last weekend in Poland it was a long weekend due to holiday on 1st of May (not that it matters in Coronavirus times) and despite the weather being moody (there were occasional showers) I decided to go out for a bike ride, my first one this spring. Equipped with a protective face mask and my phone with Endomondo switched on to track distance and callories I went for a trip. I had to hide from the rain on the way but it was compensated by the view of a flourishing colza field with a green grass plain next to it. Nature reminded me of its beauty.

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Have a Scentsational Easter

This holiday, like no other year before, will be difficult for so many of us. It will be so much different than any other Easter from the past. This celebration that should be filled with happiness won’t be so happy if you can’t spend this time surrounded by your family and friends. I hope that none of you has to spend this Easter alone, in complete isolation. If there’s at least one person next to you now – your wife, husband, son or daughter you’ll be with, they are your reason to smile now.

I wish you all good health and a moment of peaceful mind for those difficult moments in life. Take care of yourselves and of those you are together with right now. The quarantine the world is going through right now is not a normal state of things, therefore it requires extraordinary amounts of mental strength and patience, so I wish for those 2 for you as well. Try to be optimistic. We’re in this together and we’ll get through it to become stronger and more united. Have a scentsational Easter!

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