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Fragrance wardrobe spring cleaning


There is this common way of thinking that arrival of spring is a great time for cleaning. When nature re-awakens & temperature goes up at some point we decide to hide our winter jackets deep inside a wardrobe and bring lighter clothes to the front. It’s a symbolic refreshment and new beginning. So many of us fully clean our houses in order to have that fresh start into new season, into spring.

My family did some cleaning before Easter to prepare our house for this special holidays. But now I’d like to do my own kind of cleaning. After many years I realized I should do spring cleaning in my fragrance wardrobe. Because there are some perfume that I don’t use anymore, be it because I grew tired of them, lost interest or something  started to bother me. I also have quite a few bottles that even after split contain too much juice. I’m looking for more love for these fragrances.

Therefore I’d like to invite you to my imaginary blooming garden and join my perfume spring sale. Here you will find a varied palette of fragrances that are waiting for new and loving home. Hopefully something will grab your attention. I feel a little bit ashamed that some fragrances are no longer good to me but I grew a lot over last few years and my taste has been changing along. I can’t think of a better place for my neglected scents than homes of my readers, people whom I trust and care for. So, if I got you curious – please do drop me an email and I will share the list with you.

I can ship to most places around the world safely, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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It’s a beautiful life – Happy Easter 2017

Easter is almost here! It might be a short holiday but it’s a very important one for many of us. This celebration of life and new awakening should be a reminder that our life is a precious gift & that we should do our best to make the most out of it. Of course many responsibilities (for yourself and for others) are tied to it but it’s still a beautiful thing that we can be a part of this world. Of course there are also many pleasures in life, for us one of the best of them is perfume. Am I right?

I feel blessed to have a loving family & that I have you – my dear readers, a lovely group of people to share my passion for fragrance with. I hope you can wind down, relax and do something nice during upcoming holidays. Personally I’m going to spend time with my parents and with Babcia who came to celebrate with us. Sending you a ton of Easter hugs & see you again on Tuesday, when I will post a new review of a very captivating scent. I foresee a potential lemming for some. Love – Lucas.


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