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The fun of swapping


Just a quick reminder that the swapmeet at Now Smell This is now on duty. Make sure to check it out if you’re interested in swapping one perfume (or a decant) and getting another perfume in return. I do it very often and get a lot of fun from it. I’m less likely to go through a 100 ml bottle of something, so why not share with others and get a different perfume you were eager to try. I’m also proposing a couple of things for a swap, so who knows, maybe you’ll be interested in one of my items?

[note]: image is Chrysanthemums by mdpai75 at flickr

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Month of Irises – the conclusions

Goodbye February, hello March! Last year when we finished a Month of Roses project, in a summary of it I wrote: “…But if we do rose month again I will have to start stocking the supplies in advance so that I’m well prepared. But iris month – I think I could do that!” Now that Month of Irises is over I can officially say – yes, I did it! It’s been a blast – such a fun project and so many people decided to join. I’m glad I could host one of the days too. Until the very end I didn’t believe that I’ll be able to wear a different iris perfume for 28 days in a row but it worked out. Below calendar is a little proof of my achievement. I combined wearing scents from my full bottles, decants and samples.


Wearing so many iris perfumes had definitely made my love for the note even deeper. It also made me realize that not every iris is a perfect iris & that it’s ok to say that one perfume or another doesn’t suit me. Plus as fas as it goes wearing only iris-centered fragrances was a little bit exhausting. I’m looking forward to having other perfume as my scent of the day in the nearest future. They all had a month of a break after all. Many thanks to Undina for organizing such a fun blog activity. It definitely brough as closer as a group of perfume lovers. We should do it again at some point with another note. I have a good hunch about it. How about you – did you enjoy this Month of Irises?

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