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Travelling Box of Perfume – On its way!


Warm autumn days are now over (or so it seems) and I can see how they become shorter in front of my eyes, in a visible way. Not that long ago it wasn’t dusky when I finished my workday – but now it is! But hey, we didn’t have such unusually optimistic October and a great first half of November in ages! But that’s not what I wanted to tell you about today.

It is with my great pleasure and excitement to share with you the news that this Thursday I mailed our Travelling Box of Perfume to the first person – Shelly! I hope it’ll arrive safe & sound at her doorstep.

Inside of the package, except for a lot of perfume of course, you’ll find a handwritten note explaining the idea of our project and a couple of rules we should follow to ensure a smooth process of passing the box from one to another. And because I’m sure everyone will be curious about the impressions other people might have I want to post updates from each of you. Those would include some of your opinions as well as the information what is taken from and what’s added to the box. Really looking forward to reading your thoughts! I hope you get to enjoy warm & cuddly, colorful autumn.

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Scent of Memories

It’s the 1st day of November today which means that in Polish culture we celebrate All Saints’ Day. And even though Halloween celebrated on the night before is gaining on popularity year after year I don’t find it fitting here. It’s not ‘our’ holiday. 1st of November ought to be a happy day for it’s a day when we remember all saints and those who experience eternal happiness of Heaven. But in Poland it’s a day when the air smells of nostalgia, a little bit of sadness and of burning candle-lights.


As every year I’ll be going to visit a grave of my grandparents, put a wreath on it and light a candle. I wish I knew my paternal grandma & grandpa. I wish there was something that would remind me of the time we spent together… but I didn’t have that chance. Scent is one of the mediums that can instantly awaken memories. So I wonder what would be my scent of memories in their case. Maybe a perfume they wore if they wore any? Or the smell of food they prepared like nobody else? Who knows. Does any of you have the smells in their life that instantly lead you to remembering someone from your family who is no longer with you? What aromas bring back the memories to you?

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