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Between words, fantasy and reality


September came and along with its arrival the heat that was invading Poland finally gave up. This week the temperature was oscillating between 19 and 24°C which feels lovely before the time when the real Autumn kicks in. There’s only 1 week before my holidays so packing preparations have already started for me. I’m looking forward to taking a break from all daily routines.  But summer wasn’t so bad. At my own pace I read two great books: “Queen of Air and Darkness. The Dark Artifices – Book Three” by Cassandra Clare and “Summoner. The Outcast” by Taran Matharu. Both were continued stories and both took me to the world of magic and fast-paced action full of surprises and plot twists. How about you? Did you read something interesting this summer? Maybe you can recommend something for my trip.

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Weekend Poll – Vacation Perfume Packing


I think current week is beating the record of being one of the hottest this summer. There was only one week in June when termometer bar was showing a whopping 38°C. The season in Poland was extremely dry & hotter than usual. Fruit, veggies and cereal products got more expensive due to drying or withering crops. This week though is more violent and unpredictable, with short but intense storms. Increased humidity doesn’t make life easier when it’s so hot so I felt unable to wear anything else than light and refreshing citrus. Sotd included Eau de Neroli Dore, Komorebi, Infusion de Mandarine, Clementine California, and Boy so far.

Speaking of perfume, the date of my vacation trip is fast approaching & I already started preparing some things for my voyage. Of course holiday is a break from everything – work, everyday problems, a bit of an escape from tech world. But it’s not a break from wearing perfume. I just can’t imagine not wearing any fragrance at all at that time (unless I was at the seaside, swimming and sunbathing all day long). My Alpine trip will last 10 days, how many fragrances would you pack for this kind of vacation? I was actually thinking of 10, possibly less but definitely not more. What say you?

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