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What inspires – Introduction to Esxence 2019

Can you hear the Spring knocking at your door? Even though the weather still has mood swings (yesterday it brought us snow again!) there are too many signs in heaven and earth to ignore the fact that new season is almost here. In my neighborhood many tiny green buds started appearing on trees and bushes. Since 2014 there’s one more special event to mark in my Spring calendar – Esxence in Milan. To be honest with you at the beginning of this year I still didn’t know if I’ll attend, there was a lot of uncertainty and many events going on in my life. But now I decided that I’m going!


This 11th edition of Esxence, and at the same time a 6th one for me (can you believe?) is taking place surprisingly late this year – at the end of April, when it was at the end of March usually. It’s definitely going to be warmer but I wonder if magnolia blooming season will be over by the time I come to Milan again… This year’s motto is Inspiration Flow, which refers to the creative process. It’s also a play in Italian words inspirare-inspiring and ispirare-inhaling.¬†Will the upcoming edition of the perfume fair bring a breath of something new & exciting? We’ll find out in 1,5 months.

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What’s in a name

Can you imagine a world in which none of the everyday use objects wouldn’t have their name? It would be so hard to talk about things by having to describe them every single time. Instead of toothbrush you’d have to say ‘that thing you use to brush your teeth.’ It would be even worse if people didn’t have names – you’d have to talk about them by describing their character and appearance. Or maybe by something unique that applies only to them & makes them one of a kind.

dusita-splendirisFor perfume the name is a vital part. It needs to be chosen carefully and it has to go well together with the fragrance itself. Scent & its name¬†should be perfectly synchronized so that the name feels right when you smell the scent. Ideally it should also convey the feelings the perfumer wanted to share and reflect the mood the perfume creates when it’s worn on skin. Some creators start with the name to build a fragrance around it – some do it the other way around. The latter case is of Pissara Umavijani of Parfums Dusita. She was working on an iris theme but during a preview in September (at Pitti Fragranze) it didn’t have a name.

Fragrantica organized a naming contest. Dusita sent a big number of samples and anyone could submit their idea. After almost 3 months the winner was announced last Saturday. New Dusita perfume which will launch around May will be called Splendiris, a junction of words splendor and iris. The idea I submitted after smelling the perfume – Reve d’Aurore, was among the finalists. I feel happy & proud that I made it this far. I think meeting Pissara just the day before was my lucky charm.

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