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This Christmas – together yet apart

Christmas is a time of feeling bright, joyful. A time when happiness should overflow as it fills our hearts, souls and bodies. When kindness crushes the walls that some people build around them and when forgiveness wins over grudge. This time of the year our homes get filled with the scent of gingerbread and with colorful twinkle of lights on a Christmas tree. A truly idyllic time of the year.

Until now we took all these things for granted, they felt like something obvious that comes at the end of any December. 2020 turned the world upside down & completely rearranged our lives. Instead of regular meetings we had to invest in masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. Of course the year with covid introduced a lot of fear and uncertainty to our hearts. We all were worried about our families and friends. I lost my uncle, maybe some of you also had to say the last goodbye to a relative or someone who was close to you. In the pile of this year’s misfortune please join me and refuse to lose your hope. Maybe this is the right time to find happiness in the tiniest good things, to understand all over again that we don’t need much to feel content. Yes, I miss travelling, I miss live contact with other people, with friends but I’m imagining how thrilled I will be when I can do these things again.

For tomorrow, for Christmas I’m wishing each and every one of you plenty of health for these wicked times. The saying “you got everything if you got good health” is especially accurate this year. Have faith and believe that 2021 will bring us relief. I know this Holiday will be quite different, but hopefully not worse or less cheerful. Stay strong! From my heart to your heart – Merry Christmas!

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Seaside breath

Since Friday I took some time off work. I realized I never went on any summer holidays because there was no possibility to travel really. So now I’m taking a possibility to catch a breath (quite late though) and together with parents we went to the Baltic seaside to visit my grandma. I hope to relax a bit, forget about work for a while and enjoy walks by the sea. Beach is beautiful in any season.

We’ll also help grandma as she’s having the pipes installed to have access to the hot water from the city, so during this break we’ll also help her with this renovation. So there will be some houseworks involved as well but I don’t mind, it’s a change from daily routine nonetheless. I’ll be taking some break from writing to let my head unwind as well. You won’t even notice and I’ll be back to you. And all of us will be amazed that it’s December already & that it’s time to think of Christmas presents.

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