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Couple of scented ideas for Christmas

I’ll be away for the weekend but I prepared a few Christmas gift ideas that might interest you.


If you’re a fan of dark and gothic style that is presented by Italian brand UNUM you might be interested in trying FEU_FERTILE, their brand new triptique of scented candles. “Light is our turmoil, it becomes energy carrying our internal substance. It is the flame swollen with our spirit, flexing but never losing its orientation to the sky. […] We look for the light until we blind our eyes, almost begging it to speak, in order to quiet the lack and sculpt our dreams.” Available in LAVS (wood monolith), Opus 1144 (bio cement monolith) and Ennui Noir (chipboard monolith). A 190 gram candle will provide around 50 hours of warmly flickering delight. Another novelty from the brand are incense resin stones for burning at home (set contains styrax, benzoin & dragon’s blood stones).


Some Aftelier specials for Christmas this year include face & body balm as well as Bergamoss in 9 ml EdP format plus Parfum de Maroc, also in 9 ml EdP. Face & body balms are based on beeswax. Rose variant contains Turkish rose absolute, Bulgarian rose wax, squalane & sea buckthorn oil while Frankincense one is made of 2 different frankincense oleoresins and organic frankincense CO2 extract. Bergamoss in EdP is a re-issue of previous limited edition but Parfum de Maroc sounds really mesmerizing, with its notes of saffron, galangal, Turkish rose, nutmeg, cardamom and myrrh. 15 ml balms retail for $35 while eau de parfums are priced at $60. I actually want to try them all!


Dear woman, please take care of your man’s face because they often forget to to that themselves. To do that, a new men’s grooming line from Le Labo comes in handy. As per brand materials: “An ode to old-world, traditional Americana barbershops. Modern textures with a retro feel”. Black packaging with golden letters look very cool. Line includes shaving cream, after shave balm, face lotion, beard oil, face bronzer and styling concret. Prices vary from $32 to $60.


From Aromatherapy Associates, Precious De-Stress Time – “Discover the magnificent benefits of Aromatherapy Associates’ calming Bath and Shower Oil in this indulgent Christmas kit, which contains one bottle of their signature De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil and one branded bauble for your tree. Enriched with the warming powers of Rosemary, Black Pepper, Lavender and Ginger, this Christmas set makes the perfect gift for a loved one who needs a moment of relaxation to unwind and de-stress from busy life.” Sounds like a perfect stocking stuffer and it only costs $12.


Jaroma (this brand’s name combines words jewellery & aroma) offers an aromatherapy pendant. It’s a locket that can house a small felt disc inside (in the set you get 10 pads in different colors). All you have to do is to soak the felt with your favorite essential oil (I wouldn’t hesitate to try using perfume on it either), lock it inside & it’s ready to be worn. Great thing is that these pads are reusable – you can wash them and apply a different oil. Pendant is made of stainless steel and it’s available in selection of different motifs on its front. You can find them on Amazon for around $15.



Sweet little gifts – 10 ideas for Christmas

December is here and it’s hard to believe how fast the time goes by. Ready or not ready for it, now is the time to begin the Christmas shopping madness. Here in Poland most shops and galleries were ready for winter Holiday season as early as first week of November. And believe me, I won’t be surprised if this kind of sellers approach easily killed any will of Christmas shopping inside you. Personally I’m done with my shopping since a while ago. But lets not give up faith just yet! Lets hope that Christmas spirit will twinkle in our hearts again when the time is right.

When it comes to giving gifts and presents there are many different approaches. Some like them big & expensive, some like them hand-made, some like to give practical gifts and so on… Personally I especially like those small, sweet little gifts rather than bigger ones. I believe that it’s not a talent to go into a shop and get an expensive gadget they show on tv. Finding something small, useful, meaningful, something straight from the heart requires more exploring than visiting just 1 shop. Those gifts are like lucky charms, with their magic they can warm up your heart even on the most frosty day of Winter. Here are a couple of my ideas for perfumed sweet little gifts.


If you’re a fan of Atelier Cologne, or know someone who is a fan of this brand you might want to have a look at their newly launched hand creams. Scented with Orange Sanguine, Pomelo Paradis, Bergamote Soleil and Rose Anonyme they make a nice addition to a morning ritual of perfuming your body. They could be used on your pulse points before spraying to make the fragrance last even longer. Tubes are 30 ml only but believe me – little goes a long way. Big plus for those creams being nicely packed with fragrance, my hands smelled delicious after I used a bergamot one. Cost of 1 tube is €20 / $25 but it’s totally worth if you like the brand. It’s a small self-indulgent treat.


I think that by now we’ve all heard about Hiram Green & many of us have fallen for at least one of his beautiful, extraordinary, all-natural creations. For me the biggest hit in his range is the latest release, Arbole Arbole about which you can read here. If somehow deciding to buy a bottle was a tough decision to make (I agree €135 per 50 ml is not a bargain price) you’ll be happy and probably less hesitating to go for it when you find out that Hiram has recently introduced a travel format of all his creations. It’s a great way to have some of the perfume you love at a more reasonable price. They retail for €39 and are presented in those lovely spray vials. Aren’t they adorable?


Windy Winter days can be pretty damaging for your skin, especially when it’s snowing or hailing. As much as we usually care about our hands and faces by using richer creams that can shield us from cold temperature, we often forget about our lips. With EOS lip balm you won’t! This lip balm comes in a sphere shape and is hidden in a cute colorful packaging that looks like a ball. You can choose between many colors, each representing different aroma/flavor of the balm. Plus they are available in regular, softening, shimmering and SPF variants. And they’re a real cheap thrill!


Enjoy Christmas atmosphere even when you’re taking a shower, thanks to Holiday specials from Yves Rocher. Indulge yourself with delightful flavors of Clementine & Spices, Cranberry & Almond or Pear & Cocoa. Your body will feel pampered and you won’t have to worry about your waist for these cosmetics don’t have any calories! Each line consists of peeling shower gel, bath & shower gel, hand cream, body lotion, liquid soap and lip balm. Price per product is €4-5.


Over the years many of us became true followers of Neela Vermeire and India-inspired perfumes she creates in collaboration with her friend Bertrand Duchaufour. For no particular reason fans of NVC overlook this fabulous gesture towards customers that Neela launched in March/April this year. Take Two is an awesome gift – two vials of a perfume, 15 ml each. They’re packed together in a simple box but additionally each vial comes in a separate mini box. Ideal way to give both to dear perfume friends, or just gift one and… keep the other one for yourself! A set like this costs €125 (EU shipping included). Take Two is available in all NVC scents except Mohur Extrait.


Especially for Christmas this year Parfums de Nicolai treats us to 3 lovely candles that will keep everyone in a good mood this Winter Holidays. Composed by Patricia de Nicolai we have Or – a composition of cedar, cinnamon & orange. Myrrhe – which sources from pine, myrrh and liquorice. Finally there is Encens – a blend of benzoin and cistus. They’re bound to keep spirits high.


Christmas without good tea is no Christmas at all. When it comes to tea, apart from buying artisanal blends from local vendor I’m a big fan of teas offered by Harney & Sons. I’m a devoted consumer of their Hot Cinnamon Spice which is a perfect marriage of black tea, orange peel and cinnamon. It’s naturally spicy and sweet, just delicious. This year I’ve found a new contender worth attention, that’s why I have put it on my Christmas wish list. White Christmas Tea is a blend of white tea with almonds, vanilla and cardamom. And that tin is adorable. $10 for 20 sachets.


From Rituals… A Ritual of Light limited edition series of cosmetics fragranced with sweet orange and cinnamon. Line includes body cream, shower foam, body scrub + bath foam. Fragrance sticks diffuser, candle and even tea with same scent are available. Every product comes in a lovely packaging that elegantly combines black bottles and jars with a shiny golden caps or lids, all decorated with sparkling stars. Prices vary from €4,5 for tea to €42,5 for a 1000 g candle.


Tauer Perfumes and Andy Tauer have a treat for all brand enthusiasts – a returning Christmas treat of a luxurious glycerine (transparent) soap. From Tauer website: “Mandarines ambrées is a fragrant delight created around natural red mandarine oil, sweet Messina orange oil and refreshing lemon grass. The citrus chord is balanced with hints of amber gris and lasts wonderfully on skin. The perfume is generously dosed at 4% and will scent also your rooms if unpacked.” I didn’t have a chance to smell it but knowing Andy’s talent it would smell divine. 100 g bar costs almost €14.


Few months ago Maison Gabriella Chieffo developed a new cosmetic line. Perfumed with their best-selling fragrance – Acquasala those products should soothe your senses with a pure, spiritual smell that combines salty & marine notes with incense. Via brand website: “The spiritual, contemplative and regenerating power of Acquasala valorizes the magic of gestures that, through our skin touch our soul with gentle hands”. Available as 100 ml body oil (€42), 300 ml foam bath (€34) and 250 ml body lotion (€42). Each product is packaged in funny, house-shaped box.


Would you like to find one of those underneath your Christmas tree?

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