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December Feeling, Gift-giving

When December comes everyday living becomes slightly different. Days pass faster, but not just because the curtain of the night covers the sky around 4 PM, we’re also being drawn into a hypnotizing spiral of compulsive Christmas shopping & ticking the boxes on the list of our accomplishments. Not to mention that it’s a perfect month for everybody at work to suddenly be reminded about the deadlines drawing near. Add it all together, don’t forget to include not enough sleep in this equation. Plus a bunch of caffeine. Can you feel it? The pressure is on.


There are days when the gravity of planet Earth feels too much for me. Days when you’d rather stay at home, in bed, alone, because you feel that that you’ll be pushed down to the ground on the first occasion. Still I take every day head on. But short days are like energetic vampires that suck the power from my body. I am tired lately. Tired of many things. Advent should be a happy time of Holiday preparations. It’s not – because the commercial craze of Christmas started at the end of October here. Too many sparkling lights seen too early take away the happiness of looking forward to them. The charm is gone.

But I guess I’m not broken yet for there are still things that sparkle joy at this time of the year. Very little things that make me unexpectedly happy. On previous weekend I prepared gifts for my friends from abroad. I don’t know them in person, I have no idea what their voices sound like but they are MY friends. Trying to create memorable presents and assembling them in these 2 boxes really made my heart feel warm. Or going to the cinema to see Frozen 2 with a colleague from work on Wednesday. Animated tales are so beautiful these days. Wish I were like Elsa and let it go…

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Oscar for a birthday

When February starts drawing to a close the eyes of many people start watching towards Hollywood, for this is the time of the year when the Oscars ceremony is held. Academy Awards will be offered to best actors, actresses and in many more categories for the 91st time in history. Even if you’re not a connoisseur and you watch movies only occasionally you would probably still have a small spark of interest in this great gala. There’s always a lot of buzz around what famous people are going to wear and who will leave the event holding a statuette in their hands. Has any of you ever given a thought if all those people we know from big and small screens actually wear perfume for such occasion?


To me the Oscars is also a sort of personal celebration since it’s been multiple times in the past and this year is also one of those when the gala in Los Angeles coincides with my birthday. Of course I am not famous, I haven’t portrayed any meaningful roles so I definitely wouldn’t suit to appear on the red carpet… But that’s totally okay. To some extend all birthdays are like the Oscars – they make you think of your achievement from the last year of your life and about things you still want to & could do in the future. And by the way, who, if not each of us plays a leading role in their own life? Nobody can do that for us. That’s why I say yes! Yes, we all deserve an Oscar, even if just an imaginary one. Maybe even in more than just this one category, ha?

For many years I’ve been celebrating my birthday in a cameral way. I don’t like to throw big parties. A calm afternoon with my parents is what I would choose instead. We can have a flute of champagne and a piece of cake at a comfort of our home. I don’t need much more to feel happiness on my special day. I don’t expect gifts but maybe mom and dad got me something small. I plan to treat myself to something nice and I’ve been really wanting to buy a new perfume lately. I just don’t know what fragrance it’ll be yet. As I spend a lot of time on my blog you’re all invited to celebrate my 29th birthday. We are family after all, aren’t we? I’m glad to have you around for so many years.

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