Need help

The perfume world is a majestic place and there are many brands awaiting discovering them. Living in Poland gives me a moderate access to mainstream and niche perfume releases. If there’s any particular sample you would like to submit for my reviewing purposes I will be happy to swap, especially when it’s something I’ve been looking for.

Also if you’d like me to help to suggest you a perfume, or at least a house or an olfactive group don’t hesitate to write a few words to me about yourself. Just tell me who you are, what you do for a living and what are you looking for. You’re also welcome to list the perfumes recently tried but somehow they didn’t work for you. I will try my best to support you in research!


One thought on “Need help

  1. I says:

    hi lucas..I just recently discovered your site and have really enjoyed it! I have been searching for ages for a perfume that suits my skin,for some reason almost every perfume I try, no matter how much I like the scent smells horrible once I apply it on my skin. Either too pungent or too sweet… starts to make me feel like I’m getting a headache. I did try a Tom Ford perfume oil a couple years ago which wasn’t too bad, I’m thinking oil might be the way I need to go in my quest. I am 46 and work in an office in North Vancouver, BC…so am looking for something subtle, not too sweet and am fond of rose, magnolia, vanilla…..not keen on anything lemon or orangey as in the past they smell like household cleaners when I try them on! I’ve tried so many different colognes and have started to lose hope that something is out there that will be ideal….any suggestions?

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