‘Tis the season

Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these months you’d still want to hear from me…

2021 turned out to be another tough and challenging year. We still live in the shade of covid and even though we are vaccinated we continue to worry about the health condition of our relatives and ourselves. I have to tell you that this year the months have been passing incredibly fast for me. One week after another, most of the time spent at work and with almost no holidays because of travelling restrictions. And here we are today, on the 24th day of December, when Christmas is upon us.

Tired, that’s how I feel about this year. I miss the life from pre-2020, when going out, meeting friends or going somewhere warm on vacation didn’t require extensive preparations and precautions. I miss the people from the perfume world and the opportunity to meet at Esxence or Pitti Fragrance. I know the latter one took place in the end but I didn’t go as I thought it was still too early for such big gatherings. Plus what’s the joy of smelling perfume through the mask or taking it off and on a hundred times. To be honest – I lost a part of my interest because I tried so little of new releases in 2021. Hopefully this is just a temporary state for me & that it passes when we regain some normality.

But against all odds we made it through to another Christmas and that’s just one of many things that I’m thankful for. I’m also grateful for the fact that my family and I are healthy, that so far we managed to avoid covid. How can you find happiness in anything else if you were sick? Being healthy and in good shape today is more important than ever. There are things I could have done better this year, eg. I’m not as fit as I got in 2020, but I know I can go back to the best shape of my life or even improve it. As they say – if you want something badly, you’ll find a way to achieve it. Right?

For Christmas and for the next year I’d like to wish you plenty of health, many reasons to smile and be happy. I wish you the ability of finding joy in both big and small things and I hope you’ll look at your life from the bright side as often as possible. I promise that I’ll try to do the same! Be present in a moment, enjoy the twinkling lights on your Christmas tree, savor the taste of all the Holiday dishes you and your family made. I’m also crossing fingers that santa brings you presents that you wished for. Sending warm and hugging thoughts to each of you and lots of love from my heart to yours.

Thank you for sticking with me until now, despite me being so absent on the blog this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas time!

With love, Lucas

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Sapphire Lace, Puredistance No.12

In the world of numerology number 12 doesn’t really exist as the main number attempting to describe someone’s character & personality. This however doesn’t reduce the value of this number. It only takes a moment to look around and realize that number 12 is a number of great importance. There are 12 months in a year and 12 zodiac signs, there were 12 apostles in the Bible. In Greek mythology there were 12 Olympian gods and Heracles had to complete 12 labors. In culture this number represents balance and harmony. No surprise Puredistance wanted to treat their fans to something very special as their 12th fragrance which also sort of marks the completion of their story.

No.12 opens up with the elegant whiff of citrus notes, namely mandarin & bergamot. These two however break from the stigma of summery freshness by presenting themselves in the brand new light. The adorable zestiness remained but there’s much more richness and density. While smelling it closely to the skin it feels like smelling something oily & viscous, like an essential oil in its pure form. After a couple of minutes a gentle tingling sensation arrives as the fragrance progressively warms up. It warms up thanks to the body heat but also thanks to the cardamom and coriander notes that have been used. The spicy aura they create feels embracing and somewhat decadent.

From this refined spiciness with a hint of a crunchy, roasted nuts undertone, Puredistance No.12 slowly begins to move in the floral direction. We can find first evidence of this still at the top of the composition where ylang and narcissus start to drape a yellow-colored ribbon scented with the creamy notes of flower petals. The heart of the new Puredistance is a real treasure chest when it comes to the bounty of textures and smells it provides to delight our senses. My nose is particularly thrilled to detect the rich & buttery goodness of orris. I can smell it very clearly with all of its earthy and powdery nuances as well. It’s the indulging aroma that makes me feel pampered.

Of course there is more to this magnificent floral arrangement that just the iris. The more carefully I smell my wrist the more elements I’m able to trace. Another one in No.12 is lily of the valley, effusing a dewy, gentle yet strong scent of tiny white bells that are the undeniable symbol of spring. There’s also plenty of jasmine in this composition but it’s harmoniously woven into the body of No.12. Its sultry-smelling blossoms compliment the rest. There are also hints of delicate rose and of orange blossom. Even a bit of geranium found its way into this perfume, giving it a tad of green tinge of freshness. Osmanthus provides a tea-scented undertone while heliotrope gives more smoothness.

When it comes to the complexity of Puredistance fragrances – they have been very intricate, rich & sublime from the very beginning and Puredistance No.12 is no different in that matter. Its floral bouquet is very complex and it wasn’t an easy task to “deconstruct” it. It’s just like in ikebana where every flower has a special place in the arrangement but you can tell them all apart. In No.12 the boudaries are close to impossible to notice. I tried my best to break down its different elements but of course these impressions are strictly personal and what you smell while experiencing No.12 might be dramatically different. I highly encourage you to discover this latest creation with your own nose.

As for the base of No.12 it’s also rich & complex but the floral accords step down to make room for sensuality and intimate delicacy. Glossy finish of milky sandalwood has been paired with a slightly rooty and unevenly textured vetiver for the contrasting junction that match in a strangely good way. Patchouli, although more clean, creates a murky depth that sends shivers down my spine. It’s kind of magical. The velvety tonka is highlighted with a golden shimmer of warm & radiant Ambroxan. All this is assisted by a beautiful oakmoss for the well fitted chypre vibe – earthy, woody, slightly evergreen and retro. Mellowness of ambrette and carnal softness of musk complete the image.

Fun fact from the development process of Puredistance No.12 – submissions presented to the Puredistance team by perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer were originally intended to potentially become Puredistance Gold. Jan Ewoud Vos, founder of the brand, felt emotionally connected with one of the proposals bearing a work title “Gold Taffeta” but the scent wasn’t aligned with his vision for Gold. He did not want to lose a fragrance that felt like it had his brand’s DNA so he proposed to use it as the next one in the lineup. Turns out the most important part for the twelfth composition was already approved even before the perfume number 11 was in the works. It’s a fascinating bit of story.

Puredistance No.12, a creation dreamed and composed by Nathalie Feisthauer is a very complex and structured perfume with an aspiration to go beyond any brackets of classification. It’s an uber feminine bouquet of notes – timeless and elegant, which very much fits the values of Puredistance as a brand. It’s a potent fragrance that gently lingers on the skin for many hours thanks to 25% concentration of the composition. With the launch of No.12 Puredistance completes their concept of Magnificent XII – in the future the new release will cause one of the older fragrances to be moved to a “Private Collection” (limited sales, on demand) so that always only 12 perfumes are promoted.

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