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Berlin stroll, April Aromatics Unter den Linden

Last couple of years show that people get more conscious about origins of their favorite products. They started to care about what is their bread made of, if eggs they eat come from hens that can run around or if other things they eat contain any chemical substances. The trend for healthy and natural products also touches a branch of personal care market these days. Many of us are looking for natural skin care, for simple yet effective formulas. Even perfume making can be done organic way now & we have some great natural perfumers out there. Tanja Bochnig is one of them.

I got to know about April Aromatics probably few years ago and the first fragrance I tried was Unter den Linden. I have no good excuse as to why I didn’t write about it earlier, so I’m going to remedy that today. The composition starts with sour, almost acidic bergamot. There’s something screenchy about it for the initial moment, afterwards it becomes milder, zesty, with a gentle hint of albedo (white soft part under citrus peel). From that point the perfume smoothly transforms into linden blossom aroma. Charged with the power of the Sun, Unter den Linden presents its floral bouquet. The smell of citric flowers is so vibrant and rich, with a lot of warmth to it.


Some time later the sweet floral aroma of linden is entwined with another interesting facet. Once honey note joins the composition it feels as if all these flowers were immersed in a gold liquid. Honey adds a tender sweetness to Unter den Linded but it’s not just the sweetness. I find something quite balsamic, resinous about the honey accord and I just cannot escape the impression of an animalic hint coming from it. Once it fades away, the perfume becomes more powdery – there’s a little bit of mimosa in it, that is combined with frangipani that gives a little more creamy effect. Gardenia and magnolia add a final floral touch. Also a little bit of citrus is still mingling in the background but lets not forget that it’s linden that is still in the center of attention.

To me April Aromatics Unter den Linden is a perfume of a dreamy summer. It’s something you’d want to wear on a mild day, when you can lay in a hammock and enjoy some book-reading. It’s a dose of sun just for you, as well as a daily portion of positive energy. I perceive this fragrance as laid back, it’s also quite easy to wear if you ask me. It’s sillage has moderate power and longevity of this natural fragrance oscillates around 6 hours on my skin. Unter den Linden is made in eau de parfum concentration. It’s available in 30 ml bottles as well as in 15 ml travel spray.

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Summer clarity, Brosseau Thé Poudré

Have you noticed that among perfume lovers there is quite a big group of people who are also tea lovers? For me tea has always been superior to coffee, ever since I was few-years-old I had no problem in drinking herbal teas to help me fight some illness or a stomach ache. Nowadays I’m a real tea addict, having around 50 different types and flavors. Tea can be calming, soothing, energy-boosting or refreshing. The latter one will be especially useful for upcoming summer. I’ve found a perfume that ideally suits the idea of a summer tea. Get your cups (and wrists) ready.

Thé Poudré blooms on the skin with a delightful fragrance of mimosa. At first it has a transparent, kind of watery aroma that after a few minutes begins to have more defined lines. The feeling I get as if this perfume was absorbing the power of the sunlight & assimilating it into own mimosa accord. Just after a few minutes mimosa is a bright blossom that radiates its gorgeous, tranquil scent – it’s truly realistic. The note is also defined by a hint of tart bergamot that gives it a juicy edge.


On the other hand there is also heliotrope right behind mimosa. Thanks to it we get to experience a gently sweet, powdery aroma. When you pair sunny mimosa with powdery heliotrope the result is the smell that could easily imitate floral pollen. Imagine yellow pom-poms that scatter a scented powder each time you shake them. There is a bit of summer fun hidden in Brosseau Thé Poudré, you know. Energy of this perfume is truly inspiring & intriguing because on one side it’s toned down, peaceful and on the other side it boosts ones energy. It’s a very interesting facet of mimosa.

Some time later the perfume starts to have a light green hue around it. At some point a new element of the composition starts to become clearer until it becomes obvious. It’s the smell of tea. Surprisingly press release of Thé Poudré lists earl grey. Well, it does have the bergamot flavor to it but in my opinion it doesn’t have enough presence for a black tea. That’s why I’m going to say that on my skin it smells rather like a good quality green tea with a citrusy undertone. It also has a gently herbal aspect and tannins are noticeable too! Deeper into the fragrance development there is a little bit of floral spiciness from carnation. To me this part is just a small addition to the fragrance.

At some point finally comes the right time for iris to reveal its presence. Its silky petals are soft and they wave elegantly as the wind blows. In Thé Poudré iris is not very powdery. In fact its relatively transparent. There’s something aquatic and breezy about it – like a scent of summer florals carried by the wind. When it settles on skin, iris evolves into more creamy being, very comforting and charming. In the background there is hint of orris rooty earthiness as well. Drydown has a pretty sandalwood which is presented in a lightweight manner. Delicate cedar is its company – to my nose its a tad more substantive than sandalwood & it adds a small pinch of saltiness to the blend.


Tonka bean introduces a bit of aromatic qualities to Thé Poudré – it’s warm and creamy, bringing to mind the smell of sun-kissed skin and some body lotion. In late drydown a cloud of white musk is being released. It smells clean and pure, like a pile of fluffy cotton pillows that you could jump on top of. It gives a cuddly softness that makes my mind go all dreamy. And in this case I dream about a hammock by the sea, good book and chillout music in the radio. A summer getaway.

Perfumer Thomas Fontaine did a great job creating Thé Poudré for Jean-Charles Brosseau. The perfume is truly summery. Complex and delicate in the richness of ingredients. To me it’s a little bit like a combination of Prada Infusion de Mimosa, Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver and Heeley Iris de Nuit. It’s a great alternative to citrus scents for summer. Logevity of Thé Poudré is good and its sillage is small. It’s EdP concentrated and is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles. Do give it a try!

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