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Feels like the first time…

I’m sure that you have noticed that over the last couple of weeks I haven’t been writing as regularly as I used to do it. Instead of treating you to 2 reviews a week I reduced the amount to only one article. I truly apologize for that but I have a pretty good explanation for that. You see, I’m going through a very intense and rapid period in my life that keeps me quite busy and that requires a lot of focus from my side so writing had to be put aside for a little while longer. I wish I could tell you more.


One thing that you can know is the fact that I’ve been visiting Paris a couple of times over the last few months. But what I’m doing in Paris is secret as I don’t want to jinx anything or share the news of something that might not work out in the end… Although I’m convinced it will work and that in the near future I’ll be able to say that I succeeded in my goal. My last visit in Paris was actually on Wednesday, earlier this week. When I was there I had enough time to visit Printemps and Galleries Lafayette as I was interested in smelling newly released addition to Les Eaux de Chanel called Paris-Riviera.

At the Chanel counter I identified the one responsible for my visit, sprayed it on paper first and then with assistance of a lovely saleswoman dressed in bateau-style striped blouse I tried the perfume on skin. It was nice and brisky but after a couple of minutes I realized I didn’t like it quite as much as the original trilogy from last year. Then in the corner of my eye I spotted something smallish, standing on a display right next to the large bottles of Les Eaux. I was taken by surprise and I asked about it.

Turns out Chanel just released Paris-Deauville, Paris-Biarritz and Paris-Venise in a perfumista friendly, ultra cute and handy 50 ml bottle. My eyes must have sparkled with excitement and I knew I was going to get one. I still didn’t manage to buy my birthday gift-to-self perfume (since February) and things went well in Paris that day so I decided to reward myself. Even though Paris-Venise is my favorite one (thanks to Undina for a decant!) I left Lafayette with a flacon of Paris-Deauville as it’ll be perfect for the summer. I bought a perfume and it felt like the first time, it filled me with happiness & excitement even though there are +50 fragrances at home. But it was my very 1st Chanel.

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Parle Moi de Parfum, times two

Parle Moi de Parfum is one of those brands I finally had a chance to discover last year. After loving Orris Tattoo I spent some time to try them and here’s another 2 interesting ones.


Chypre Mojo is one of these fragrances that are weird yet interesting at the same time. This perfume starts with a wink of zesty bergamot that quickly reveals its aromatic side. In less than 3 minutes the verdant juiciness is pushed aside & replaced by invigorating scent of freshly grated bergamot peel. This note tingles deep inside my nose but is fleeting and after a couple more minutes there’s a new scent, green and waxy in the way succulent leaves are. Or think of banana or mango leaf to imagine it better. The latter one would actually make perfect sense. Why? You’ll see…

After some time Parle Moi de Parfum Chypre Mojo develops a fruity edge that seems rather unusual and special. It focuses on mango and its multiple facets. At first it’s waxy like leaves and mango skin but after a moment we cut into an actual fruit. At that time the smell of ripe pulp makes a prominent appearance on one’s skin. It’s a mouth-watering flavor – not overly juicy but it has that soft and buttery fragrance and texture that are so typical for mango. Surprisingly Chypre Mojo doesn’t feel tropical at all. Later on the floral tones come to play. Carnation gives this perfume a nice floral-spicy facet. Patchouli adds a hint of earthiness but otherwise provides depth and dimension. Interesting scent indeed.


Cedar Woodpecker is a composition that feels pleasing from the very beginning and it’s a second scent with iris from this brand if you were looking for one (technically it was first as it launched before Orris Tattoo) – but first things first. The opening presents an electrifying cedrat note that is super sour and refreshing, a true combination of green and yellow citric tones. It’s a fizzy and sparkling note that is slightly more masculine than unisex. It then slowly transitions into cedarwood heart note and it’s a very good one. To me it smells like a freshly cut piece of wood trunk.

It feels solid and there’s something aromatic about cedar as well. There’s a short moment when Cedar Woodpecker smells to me like a luxurious after shaving product but that impression quickly vanishes. Woody aspect of this perfume gradually softens to transition into iris. First it feels dry & parched like a bark but it then becomes more rooty – with a slightly moist soil effect. Then it becomes gorgeous & buttery to finish with a lovely powdery aspect that rounds all the edges this perfume might have. It has a contrast of strong & soft. This composition has a modern vibe but also feels like a nod to vintage perfumery. Plus one can’t escape a feeling it’s a masculine scent in general. Simple but undeniably sexy.

As you can see Chypre Mojo and Cedar Woodpecker are two completely different fragrances but it’s good to have such variety within one brand range. Which one seems closer to your taste?

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