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Top 6 Perfumes for the Endless Summer

With temperatures as high as they are (and those are oscillating around 30°C) summer arrived in Poland a couple of weeks sooner than expected, an in my opinion – too soon. Will it stay with us in all its glory until the end of August? I don’t know but I have a feeling like I know the answer. But for now let’s shoo away all the black thoughts & let’s take what’s best for us in the season.

Summer has never been my favorite season but when I see people sunbathing in city parks of Poznań, or as they cool down as they take a dip in a nearby fountain I become more relaxed and I let myself be more loose. It is also a part of the year when not only I would reach for lighter and fresher perfume but from time to time I would be willing to experiment with the fragrance I wear.

lavender butterfly

Anatole Lebreton Grimoire
Who said that you cannot wear incense in the summer? It’s the time just as good as any other of the season to wear it. Plus the fact that it is paired with lavender – one of the notes that I favor during warmest months, gives this fragrance an additional value. A warm scent of lavender blends with more cool scent of frankincense to create fresh yet contemplative perfume. True magic.

Prada Infusion de Mandarine
off the shelf of mainstream perfumeries is the youngest member of Les Infusions de Prada family. If you’re looking for the most realistic mandarin orange perfume you’ve smelled in years, the one that effuses the juicy sweetness of the fruit along with the smell of twigs and leaves, then trying Infusion de Mandarine is a must. My review will be coming soon, I hope it’ll tempt you.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Un Air de Bretagne
In the last 2 or 3 years marine compositions made a big comeback after everyone got bored with them in the 90’s. Modern sea/ocean inspired perfume don’t reek of calone anymore but instead they surround the wearer with the cloud or realistic salty breeze, marine air or the smell of wet sand and seaweed. Un Air de Bretagne would make you feel as if you were at the Northern coast of France.

Santa Maria Novella Citta di Kyoto
This one is definitely not your average summer perfume, especially that it changes a lot. At first it smells of chilled violet flowers that gradually evolves into silky petals of Florentine iris. Background note of lotus creates cascades of tiny waterfalls that give off a watered floral smell. But when the perfume dries down it becomes more woody, almost smoky. A perfume like a real chameleon.

Aedes de Venustas The Perfume
Launched 6 years ago in a purple bottle with a zamak cap that’s now become a signature to recognize the brand, the first fragrance from Aedes is a wonderful combination of tart & crisp rhubarb, crunchy-green tomato leaf, apple, red berried and some incense. It’s still unique after those years. Memo Italian Leather would be great alternative if you prefer tomato leaf with leather.

Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling
Summer is the time to wear perfume that make you feel like having fun & that’s exactly what Bombay Bling delivers in my case. Its mixture of mango, lychee and blackcurrant with heady, almost tropical white flowers makes my head go dizzy with endorfins. It’s a fruity-floral composition packed with positive attitude and good energy. It surely is my favorite when it comes to summer fruits.

As short as the list goes I assure you that these are not the only perfumes I’m going to wear this summer. There’ll be plenty more, like all of the juicy citrus cocktails from Atelier Cologne or the ultra freshness of Jul et Mad Aqua Sextius. I also can’t forget about my mojito-lemonade like Aqua Decima from Eau d’Italie. Eau de Neroli Dore from Hermes is also my summer must-have.

What are your favorite perfume you wear between June and the end of August?

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Wild magnetism, Aedes Musc Encensé

One of the oldest ingredients used in perfumery is musk. Documents mentioning its value in scent creation date back to 6th century but was known even before those reports, in antique times. The secretion of the perineal glands of musk deer has the power to add warmth, sensuality & complexity to any composition. Many vintage perfume reached a stellar status thanks to musk. Nowadays using natural material is forbidden and despite high number of synthetic musky molecules nothing can compare to a real deal. Perfumers, however, love musk and they keep on trying to blend a perfect musk concoction. Among boring white musks and skanky stuff, Aedes lights the light of hope.


Musc Encense starts rather herbacious, almost like a frozen mint, but it lacks all the freshness it would have if it was mint actually. Just a few minutes later we take a deep dive into an aromatic accord. As the perfume takes us deeper and deeper into it, things are getting more dark, eccentric and even a bit slimy at times. When those few initial minutes pass I get the impression as if I was descending down the stone well covered with clary sage. Its aroma, combining elements of green and fougere is a source of quite clear scent that also bears the feeling of something fresh and moist.

This phase however doesn’t last too long & soon enough clary sage of Musc Encense starts to transform. As a result it becomes more masculine and bulky, it gains some testosterone and seductiveness. Yes, it smells sweaty too but not in a repulsive way. It’s like a muscular torso shining because of droplets of sweat. It’s sexy. Later frankincense joins the composition. Thanks to in Musc Encense feels much warmer than its initial temperature. I find its smokiness really appealing as it smells meditative and spiritual without transporting you inside of a Medieval church.

Despite a usual way incense is used in perfumery I find this particular one in Aedes Musc Encense to have a true clarity and transparency. I notice its presence but it’s not overwhelming the whole composition. So far the perfume is absolutely stunning and there’s still more to discover. Addition of cashmeran introduces quite a stir to the perfume. Its multifaceted nature is fully displayed through this fragrance. At first it smells moist and lithoid, like a wet concrete wall which nicely corresponds with frankincense smell. It’s a specific olfactive sensation that’s appealing in its oddity.


Smelling this one further, cashmeran reveals a driftwood facet – a combination of soft woody whispers blended with the aroma of marine breeze and salty water. In addition to that you can also smell some warm sand and sun-kissed skin vibe mingling nicely in the background. From there Musc Encense ventures into a musky territory. At first it smells more creamy, almost milky thanks to tonka bean. When tonka fades out an individual musk is revealed. It has quite dry aroma that is animalic. But animalic in a pleasant and sensual way. There’s nothing dirty about it. This perfume is pure sexiness.

Musc Encense as an homage to Tonkin musc serves its purpose in impeccable way. It’s a well done perfume that is complex, non-obvious but most of all – it intrigues. It also feels very fitting as a new addition to Aedes de Venustas range. I seriously think I might need a large decant or a partial bottle. I’m a fan of transparent, inoffensive incense and Musc Encense is pretty in so many ways. The brand decided to work with perfumer Ralf Schwieger (who also composed Iris Nazarena) and I think he created a new quality of a smoky-animalic scent. Musc Encense is an eau de parfum in Aedes signature 100 ml zamak bottle. 3×10 ml travel set might be available too. Search for it in June.

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