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It’s a Celebration!


Throughout the year there is a number of days each of us considers as special. Some of them are more global, like Christmas, celebrated all over the work. But then there are those that are dear to you and only you. My special day happens to be today. On February 24 I celebrate my birthday. Generally speaking a birthday is a birthday and I don’t make a big fuss about it. But this year it seems a bit more special thanĀ  2 or 3 years ago. Today I turn 30 and as long as it doesn’t really make a big difference in my head, it is some sort of a life milestone. I may be still young at heart but I’m no longer in my twenties. Some say that once you turn thirty it’s really the time when you start to mature. I wonder if it’s actually true or if it’s another social myth. I started a family celebration at the weekend and during this week I’ll meet with a bunch of friends.

For the next decade of my life I wish myself a lot of patience on the road to achieving my dream of becoming a perfumer. I also hope to be of good health for the years to come and may my flourishing imagination and passion for fragrance continue to grow bigger as I get older. And for you my dear friends, my dear virtual family, please imagine that you get a piece of this pistacchio-truffle birthday cake and it would be an honour if you drank a flute of champagne or a glass of wine for me tonight!

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Lucky 7 – Giveaway Winner


Thank you everyone who participated in my blog anniversary giveaway and of course many thanks to all who stopped by only to congratulate me and to share some words of encouragement for the blogging future and for my personal future as well. All these words mean a whole world to me and I feel lucky to have you all around virtually. Some day we shall meet face to face, laugh & smell perfume together like good old friends would do.

As for the giveaway, this time I decided to pick a winner in an old-fashioned way. Instead of letting random.org or other online tool do the job, I made paper tickets and drew a winner by hand. So… who won? See a little video that I made for you and you’ll find out that the gift goes to MMKinPA! Congrats! I will send you an email to discuss your choices of perfume, tea and chocolate.

Once again a heartfelt thank you to all of you, let’s keep up the positivity and friendly atmosphere for another year. Blogging would’ve been so boring without all of you and your optimistic reactions.

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