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Lucky 7, Lucky Strike

All signs in the heavens and on earth show that as of today it’s officialy July. Half of 2019 has passed and for me it has been an intensive time during which daily work was entwined with some other events that added a lot of excitement to my life. I wish I knew what the final outcome would be but perhaps it is still a little bit too early. For now we should focus on what a new month will bring.

July is a seventh month of the year and by total coincidence this day, today, marks 7 years since Chemist in the Bottle appeared in the online universe of blogs. It’s been so many years and just like I said in my The Reason I Write post, I didn’t expect to continue for so long. On a day like this I feel proud of such achievement & I remind myself that every one of you is a part of this success.


Having you around, reading and commenting my articles, makes me feel so lucky and blessed – as if I hit a jackpot of triple 7 at one of popular casino games. Your words give me courage and purpose to write another perfume review. It’s fantastic to be surrounded by a group of people who share passion with me and who enjoy reading what I have to say. Big thank you to you all!

I don’t know what the future holds for me and my blog. But I can assure you that as long as I can find happiness in writing and as long as there are fragrances that I find interesting, I will continue keeping Chemist in the Bottle alive. For now I’m wishing you a wonderful 7th anniversary, my dear blog. Happy birthday to you and to my readers for this is the reason for all of us to celebrate.

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2191 Days of Perfume – giveaway winners

It seems like it was too much of me to ask you to come up with perfume riddles and try solving those from other readers. It’s a shame as I really though it was a good idea and that many people will try to get involved… guess I was wrong or the challenge was too difficult. It would be unfair for those who actually participated, therefore allow me to present 3 winners of this 6th anniversary giveaway!

1st place – Hajusuuri, who scored 5 points by making two riddles and guessing one right,
2nd place – Undina, who scored 4 points by making one riddle and guessing two right,
3rd place – Shiva-Woman, who scored 1 point by guessing one riddle correctly.

Please send me emails with your full shipping details and in case of first two rewards make sure to not forget to include your fragrance choices. Thanks for participating and congratulations!

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