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An ideal birthday perfume

On February 24th I turned 27. It was Friday & I didn’t even celebrate it really. As every Friday I came back home for the weekend and together with my parents we just had a casual evening. We didn’t even have my birthday cake, perhaps because we ate one a week earlier, when my grandma was still at our home for a visit and she just wanted to celebrate before going back.

Presents? I’m not getting big birthday presents from my family for a few years now. They say I’m too old for that. Plus they always have an excuse of not knowing what they could get me. But I got a book and a jazz CD. Ever since I became passionate about fragrance I was always told that I’m never getting perfume from them on any occasion, because I know too much about them & I’m the only one who knows what perfume to choose. I understand the point. But they could always ask.

I wasn’t completely empty-handed after my birthday. Grandma gave me some cash (I bought a fantastic jumper for that money) and I also got some money from mum. But it’s my birthday! I’m getting older (well, we all are) but I wanted my birthday treat. So couple of years ago I decided that every birthday I will treat myself to a new bottle of fragrance. Because I deserve it!


Year by year it was always a tough decision. There were years when I made a mistake and after realizing I’m not wearing the perfume at all, I sold it to a new, loving home. Good that most of my choices were on point. This year’s choice was particularly hard – as I was quite fond of too many new releases to have an easy task deciding. But how does one decide such thing? Would you simply choose the most expensive one? The one that is hardest to get? Most exclusive one?

At some point I realized that things like that doesn’t matter. I just gradually started narrowing down my list until I finally got the one. The one that I love the most. The one that I know I’m going to wear and that will mean something to me. What did I fall for? Arbolé Arbolé by Hiram Green. An extraordinary all-natural fragrance that on my skin smells nothing like the notes would suggest. I might never be able to analyse it properly and understand why it smells of such lush rose on me.

The flacon has arrived 2 days ago and after unpacking it I realized that the bottle looks smaller yet much, much cuter than on official visuals from the brand. I also got a bunch of samples that I wanted to try, and it seems that among them I have found another instant love that I might be buying (this time for a split) very soon. And so the story goes, a circle of a perfumista life has no beginning and no end. It never stops as there is always another fragrant love waiting to be discovered.

Lesson to learn – don’t doubt yourself when you love something. Get it before it’s too late.

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Scent of mirage, Hiram Green Arbolé Arbolé

Some perfumers, especially when they create for their own brand, tend to work at their own pace. Since quality stuff requires time we’re happy to wait & we do so with some excitement and anticipation, believing that it will be rewarded with a magnificent fragrance. After a couple of years we get accustomed that some of our favorite creators introduce their new ideas only once a year. Said that imagine how much I was caught by a surprise when I found out that Hiram Green is introducing a new perfume, second one in 2016, after Dilettante that was launched this summer.

I think nobody expected that (except Hiram himself) but it was a happy news to wake up to. I didn’t have to wait long until I received a package from Gouda, with a sample of Arbolé Arbolé inside. Being honest with you – I was afraid to review it, as Megan. But when I smelled it I was electrified! It was a pleasurable swoon from the first whiff. Not only I didn’t smell patchouli but it smelled completely different compared to some comments at Now Smell This. Therefore please keep in mind that this article is very subjective and I might be absolutely wrong with the notes.

Arbolé Arbolé by Hiram Green in my opinion opens with a deep, dark red roses that prominently engulf you with their rich aroma. Their scent is almost oily, waxy right after spraying and becomes smoother, velvety in a short period of time. It is then followed by a handful of oriental spices with a gingerbread undertone. I find cloves to be especially accentuated and I think there is some cinnamon too. The first one blends nicely with roses to recreate the impression of carnations.


After some time the perfume becomes resinous & balsamic with a lot of patchouli, a note meant to be a central point of Arbolé Arbolé. Then again – to me it smells more balmy rather than earthy or like rotting leaves. In fact, it’s kind of honeyed (in animalic way) on my skin. Later the perfume develops a woody facet, presented in a very sophisticated manner. I smell mostly sandalwood. Substantive, with good density and richness. It’s warm & embracing with the advantage of smooth qualities. There’s also a bit of cedar wood but due to beautiful sandalwood I just tend to overlook it.

Drydown of Hiram’s new fragrance is just as pleasant as its earlier parts. There is a lot of tonka going on, effusing a delightful and mouthwatering scent that is a combination of something creamy, warm-spicy and a bit nut-like. Everything is topped by a rich vanilla accord that has some darkness to it as well as some balsamic properties too (at least in my case). To me it smelled kind of like benzoin, nice and cuddly, with some fluffiness too! What’s not to love here?

I tried to ask Hiram if he could confirm if my impressions are right or not. He gave me quite an enigmatic response, I will share a part with you:

As you know, the fragrant notes are just meant to give you an idea of a scent story. If you smell something else, that is fine too. I find that once you mix different fragrant materials together, especially some of the essential oils you end up with smells that are very different from the two ingredients you started with.

Hiram Green Arbolé Arbolé is a beautiful perfume. It’s also instant love for me, I definitely smell some more of it in my future. As for all-natural fragrance, Arbolé Arbolé has an extraordinary longevity and very good sillage. I’m always amazed how is Hiram doing it, all his creations are really long-lasting while natural blends are usually weaker than those enhanced with synthetics. Arbolé Arbolé comes in eau de parfum concentration and it’s available in 50 ml bottle. The brand also offers new 10 ml travel sprays now. You must try this perfume as soon as possible.

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