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Fiery Breath, Carner Barcelona Drakon

As a young boy who was growing up in the 1990s I didn’t get to experience the same entertainment as 6 o 7-year-olds today. Children tv shows or channels were only starting to become a big thing in Poland. I got my chance to see The Muppet Show or The Sesame Street but I also spent more time playing outside. My parents also read me books and I always liked the fairy tale ones. I don’t know about you but for me it was always exciting when some big creature, like dragon, was appearing in the plot. Carner Barcelona founders were inspired by 3 mythical beasts & turned them into scents.

Drakon announces its arrival with an oily verdancy of cypress. It feels a bit dense initially but in fact it’s a green scent of freshness. Things begin to spice up after a couple of minutes when the black pepper accord emerges. Its intense, vibrant aroma is almost like a drill that goes straight into your sinus. It’s the scent that clears your nose from any other fragrant impression. Apart from being spicy and slightly metallic, the opening has a dryness of an old parchment. A parchment on which someone has written a fairy tale in ancient times, a story that fascinates even in modern day.

Among the top notes of Carner Barcelona Drakon there’s also an ingredient called betel leaf. After a short consultation with Google I learned it’s a plant from family Piperaceae, same one as black pepper. But this betel leaf seems to have an extra sharpness which leads me to thinking that it’s more like sichuan pepper. To my nose it also has a smoky, sulphurous feel – like a fiery breath of a dragon, a very appropriate association for this perfume. Gradually Drakon loses its initial spice punch and we descend to the heart of this perfumed dragon den. Watch your step and let’s go on.


Cypriol oil in the heart of Drakon is again oily, green and viscous, creating an invisible bridge that connects the opening of the fragrance with its later phase. The brand compares this verdant scent to the skin of a dragon, its scales. The perfume softens with the essence of an orange flower. The latter adds a floral nuance and a note of exoticism, although its appearance is very brief before it steps aside to make room for Akigalawood. This ingredient (by Givaudan) emulates a woody facet of patchouli and in case of this perfume is also mimics the denser, resinous scent of oud wood.

Drakon in its deepest layers unveils a powerful leather accord. Its scent is very potent and highly saturated, almost heady from its natural yet synthetic (due to chemicals used in leather treatment) fragrance. It’s heavy, like a black cape – perhaps a dragon tamer would wear one of those? Sandalwood makes the drydown even more full and robust, adding that element of uneven texture and wooden splinters. Fir balsam softens the edges with the depth of an aromatic forest. Its warm but inhales like the air from a coniferous woods in winter. Soothing and peaceful for body & mind.

I like how Drakon from Carner Barcelona has a complex and layered structure that step by step reveals more elements of the perfume equation. To me a positive aspect is also the fact that there aren’t that many key notes to this fragrance yet I felt entertained by the scent during the whole day. Along with two other mythical creatures (about them maybe some other time), Drakon creates a Bestial Collection, a 2020 addition to the brand’s portfolio (they also launched 3 fragrances in blue bottle as their online shop exclusive. All bestial scents are extraits and come in 50 ml bottles. This work of perfumer Jordi Fernandez really lasts all day and it even survived a shower.

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