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Writing for Life – Towards the greightness

I might be a bit late to the party but let’s say hello to July together and hope it’s a good month for us all. Every time when June comes to an end and first days of summer unveil the number of possibilities on how to spend your holidays (or simply your afternoons after work), I immerse in my very own thoughtfulness. 1st day of July has a super special meaning to me because that’s when Chemist in the Bottle was established. On Wednesday it’s been 8 years since I started writing.

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After all these years I still treat written words very seriously and to me they are more personal way of sharing own sensitivity towards beautiful things than anything else. I still haven’t met so many of you who keep supporting me throughout the years but I think that apart from meeting face to face, the words that I’m using in my reviews are the closest to telling you what kind of person I am. Or at least I hope so.

Those 8 years have been a great lesson for me. It was, and still is, a journey of understanding myself, discovering my perfume taste as well as polishing my writing and smelling skills. There were many doubts if continuing the blog makes sense, especially in 2019. But here I am today, still going, although in a slightly different schedule and with lowered motivation due to Covid-19 pandemic and being unable to try many new scents. Cancelled Esxence and Pitti hit me hard.

On more positive side, eighth anniversary is a perfect opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you for watching me grow, for observing as I become an independent adult who’s striving to make his dreams come true. Future must hold something great for me, its just waiting for the ideal moment, right? I feel so lucky that Chemist in the Bottle has such a lovely family of people coming from different ends of the world. May we stay together for many more years, I wouldn’t want you to miss the moment when I become a shooting star, aiming towards ‘greightness’. I love you all and please remember that you mean a lot to me. You’re my brothers and sisters in l’eau.

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Lucky 7 – Giveaway Winner


Thank you everyone who participated in my blog anniversary giveaway and of course many thanks to all who stopped by only to congratulate me and to share some words of encouragement for the blogging future and for my personal future as well. All these words mean a whole world to me and I feel lucky to have you all around virtually. Some day we shall meet face to face, laugh & smell perfume together like good old friends would do.

As for the giveaway, this time I decided to pick a winner in an old-fashioned way. Instead of letting random.org or other online tool do the job, I made paper tickets and drew a winner by hand. So… who won? See a little video that I made for you and you’ll find out that the gift goes to MMKinPA! Congrats! I will send you an email to discuss your choices of perfume, tea and chocolate.

Once again a heartfelt thank you to all of you, let’s keep up the positivity and friendly atmosphere for another year. Blogging would’ve been so boring without all of you and your optimistic reactions.

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