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2191 Days of Perfume – Anniversary Giveaway

To celebrate this milestone of 6th birthday of Chemist in the Bottle & to celebrate having you around for all these years (and those passes really quickly, didn’t they!) I’m throwing this imaginary birthday party. And when there’s a birthday – there are gifts as well. It’s become a tradition of my blog that each year there’s an anniversary giveaway & this year will be no different. Here’s the thing:

Write a fragrance riddle – for a specific perfume, ingredient, a brand, a perfume family or anything else scented you can think of.


Other readers will be guessing the right answer so this should be fun. For writing a riddle you’ll get 2 participation votes and 1 vote for guessing it right. At the end I will count the votes and have three winners selected. Gifts to get this year include 5x10ml of Parfum d’Empire scents, a 30 ml flacon of Atelier Cologne fragrance & 3x5ml of Anatole Lebreton perfume. Let’s have some fun!

This giveaway will last for 7 days, until Friday, 13th of July & is open to all current followers of the blog (following at least since June 2018). Winners will be announced few days later. Good luck!

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Picture perfect

Many people think that having a blog is an easy thing to do. “You just have to write something and reply to the comments” they say. In my opinion it’s much more than that. No matter if a blog is about fashion, perfume or about one’s passion for travelling it’s not “just writing”. Personally I wouldn’t publish a blog post that I wouldn’t be satisfied with. I’m a perfectionist. Maybe not as extreme as others are but after I spend 2-3, sometimes even 4 or more hours on creating a perfume review I revisit the post numerous times making little adjustments that in my opinion make it look better.

You might have noticed that I do my best so that each chapter of a perfume review I write has the same number of lines, with a little tolerance of +1/-1. Or that last line of each paragraph is filled with enough text to make it almost full, with that last dot being as close to the right edge of a writing space as possible. Of course to me the most important thing is a message carried by a review, my impressions and feelings that were evoked by a perfume. However that doesn’t change the fact that I want my articles to be visually pleasing to anyone interested, especially to my faithful readers.

Essential part of any blog or website is a graphic entourage. In a world where most of us are visual people, it is better to not only talk about something but also to show how it looks like. If you read Chemist in the Bottle there’s a high chance that you read other perfume blogs and websites as well. Have you noticed how many of them use their own photos? They have a good skill, always creating a specific mood on their photographs. I usually use pictures provided by press release or I create a collage with what I can find on Google. I don’t have agreements with any brands to provide me with bottles (even if they were factice) of their newest releases so that I could make a photo shoot.

But I don’t feel worse because of that. Over the years taking photos has become my hobby as well. Perfume photos, nature & landscape are my favorite types. I photograph what I have available – bottles in my collection, decants or even samples. I create a scenery for them with things that I have at home. I never bought any trinket for the sake of a good photo. In fact I am proud of what I share on my Instagram. Even if they are not professional, taken only with a smartphone I think of them as pretty. Sometimes I even think that some of them could be considered official visuals for a brand. I’m always delighted if someone from a brand says I took a great photo. I feel like a winner then.

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