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Monday Quick Sniffs, part 54


I was very impressed with quality and style of Abel fragrances when I told you about three of them in January. This set a bar of my expectations for their new scent, Pink Iris, relatively high, and I was not disappointed. The composition begins with a tingly sensation of pink pepper that creates a smooth veil of spiciness around the wearer. Very soon basil and raspberry leaf join and introduce a crisp, green vibe that later becomes reminiscent of a chypre accord. After a while iris takes a central place in this perfume. The smell is sweet, almost gourmand – evoking the idea of how candied violet petals smell like. Orris seamlessly transitions into a powdery goodness that veers slightly towards cosmetic smells. There it also blends with the smell of rose – sheer and pink one, that makes Pink Iris feel more girly. Hint of jasmine accentuates the pastel color palette of this fragrance. The base which is vanillic and musky mimics the scent of powder candy I remember from my childhood times. It is another well done perfume from Abel but for an iris perfume it’s just less fitting for me. You should try it, I say.


I rarely speak of mainstream scents on my blog and perhaps I should do it more often (?) to make things more entertaining. Bottega Veneta recently started a promotion of their new couple of fragrances for him and for her named Illusione. I found the male version to be worthy of a mention. On my skin it’s like an burst of lemon that is super bitter and zingy, making my mouth salivate in an instant. Bitter orange adds a lovely tang to the scent while the bitterness of this cocktail is just fabulous, I feel like we need more bitter tones for once in these fresh citrus scents. These juicy notes are slightly muted, elegant. They don’t feel pungent. After a while a fir balsam joins the composition adding a green, balsamic and lightly coniferous feel to Illusione. White cedarwood adds more masculinity through this woody but not overpowering note. Vetiver in the drydown makes things feel more grassy, slightly dried out and aromatic because of that. Tonka is responsible for adding a warmth and some sensuality to the perfume. Illusione for men is relatively simple but it’s not boring and could easily become my go-to summer scent.


Olfactive Studio introduced their first trio of Collection Sepia fragrances in 2018 and Leather Shot was one of them. Upon smelling this perfume you are immediately taken inside of a leather workshop where the smell of raw leather mixes with more pungent smell of volatile chemicals used to treat the material before it can become your new bag or a shoe. Cardamom make it more spicy in a crunchy way, adding a facet as if something was roasting in the fireplace. Cumin makes a slightly dirty impression that quickly drowns and disappears in a black tea note that makes Leather Shot more smoky and simultaneously green in a specific way. A while later the scent becomes moist and there’s a part that smells to my nose like an artistic clay used for sculpting. Driftwood can smell like that at times and driftwood indeed is a part of this composition. Followed by an iris accord the perfume becomes instantly more elegant through the powdery, creamy facets while sandalwood, vetiver and cedar create a solid base that combines properties of all 3 – mellow at times, then more like a shrub or like a more rugged piece of wood. The collection was developed together with Bertrand Duchaufour so no surprise here that quality is very good.

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Monday Quick Sniffs, part 23 + giveaway winners

Eau de Cashmere is the latest fragrance/fabric spray designed by the perfumery house of Guerlain. It’s meant to be sprayed on high quality fabrics like wool or cashmere and linger on it, enveloping you with a soft cocoon of scent. It’s also said not to damage the fabrics structure. I tried it both on skin and wool. On my skin it opens with a very soft, slightly sour and acidic bergamot which is almost immediately joined by mandarin. The latter one adds sweetness, balancing the character of bergamot. After around 20 minutes Eau de Cashmere becomes much more powdery. You can smell a lot of delicate and sheer iris, blended with slightly flowery and sweet lavender flowers. Musk makes the fragrance very clean, like the fabric was just washed. Even if there is some cedar or vetiver (as stated on Guerlain website) I can’t smell it. Eau de Cashmere is all about smelling kind of like a baby powder. After 2 hours you can’t smell it on the skin. When sprayed on clothes, the bergamot & mandarin concoction lasts for a few hours and the powdery aspects comes in much more slowly. It lasts for many hours on fabric but unfortunately it doesn’t impress me. I doubt I would smell it around me if I wore a jumper/sweater with some Eau de Cashmere on it. It’s just too bland and simple, but what was I expecting?

Essence Aromatique is the latest release from Bottega Veneta. This perfume opens with a tart and zesty bergamot combined with warmth and mild spiciness of coriander. The balmy quality of the opening evolves into more citrusy scent when coriander weakens and bergamot remains stronger. Then, there’s a lot of vanilla and tonka bean. Together they smell quite sweet, a little bit cloying actually and there’s a high pile of powder in this perfume. Sandalwood smells really synthetic in this perfume while patchouli continues to go on with a powdery vibe. I was hoping I would like Essence Aromatique, the sound of it made a good impression on me but the fragrance is disappointing. Not only it constantly makes we think of some washing powder or synthetic bleach blend but at some point it is also a mere, badly made and thoughtless interpretation of Chanel 31 Rue Cambon. At least I find some similarities, of course Chanel is hundred times better. Essence Aromatic is eau de cologne available in sizes of 50,90 and 200ml.

In the second half of April the Italian fashion house of Prada has profiled a new fragrance intended for the spring and summer use. As far as I know the initial concept for the perfume was different but in the end the latest perfume launch from Prada is Candy Florale,  blended by Daniela Roche-Andrier. The perfume was inspired by a perfect imaginary flower – the white Cosmos – that Prada has “invented” especially for Candy. This flanker starts with a tart and cool aroma of lemon sorbet, kind of making me think of patisserie/gelaterie in the summer. Soon the accord mutes and flowery notes become dominating. Composition of Candy Florale highlights the scent of peonies, which in this composition are restrained, powdery. At some point one can also smell roses – dewy, watered down, a bit sugary. Musky base comes very early with more powder, some talcum, fluffiness of whipped cream and general feeling of airiness. Beautiful benzoin and caramel that were the greatest values of original Candy, are bit ruined in Candy Florale. Shame. Prada Candy Florale reminds me of nothing else but powdery candies from my youth. Candy Florale is definitely worse than Candy, also worse than Candy L’Eau in my opinion. Dear Prada – next time you go for my Candy Men, ok?! I’m sure people would like it. Ad campaign is once again fronted by actress Lea Seydoux. I think more funny videos are yet to come…

Giveaway winners

Here are the winners: from the US the lucky person is tomate farcie who gets Robert Piguet Visa rollerball mini and a mini candle. From the EU/UK region the winner is Elia who gets a mysterious set of 4 carded perfume samples. You’ve got time until Friday, May 16th to send me your shipping details (use a contact form). If someone doesn’t claim their prize a new winner will be chosen.

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