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Weekend poll – thinking out of the box

It’s time for another round of Weekend poll. Today I’m asking you a question that would be more important for some and less important for others. The outer packaging of the perfume is an integral part of any fragrance purchase. Some boxes might look very expensive, stylish and high-end while other are very plain, simple and don’t reflect the value of the flacon content.

Do you keep your perfumes in their original boxes?

There are three possible answers you can choose from:

  • Yes, I keep all my perfume in their original boxes,
  • I only keep the nicer looking packagings;
  • No, I always toss the box away.

Just like those Laduree macaroons look pretty organized in their decorative boxes, keeping an outer packaging of a perfume might help you in storing one’s perfume collection… Are you sure?

Since my early perfumista-hood I was never attached to the box the perfume came with so it usually landed in the waste basket. However nowadays I tend to keep the nicer looking packagins that seem to be more attached to the bottle itself, like boxes for Carner Barcelona scents which are like coffrets, tubes of Parfum d’Empire fragrances or metal cans that Andy Tauer perfumes come in.

Whichever answer you pick please justify your decision, we all want to know the reason, true?

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