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All I want for Christmas is… a candle… and a mug

Let’s say that snow fairies waved their magic wands and you have extra 75 € to spend on Christmas presents. I bet there are tens of better things you could buy for that money but if you felt extra generous and wanted to treat yourself to something nice and fragrant you might want to have a look at candle in a mug range from Memo Paris. What is this? Well… it’s a candle… in a mug. Duh!


Burn a candle to spread a charming scent at home and once it’s gone you still get to enjoy a fine chinese porcelain mug. According to their website, each candle explores a single note taken out of their fragrances. You get to choose from cedar, caramel, incense, tuberose, grapefruit, amber, mint, coriander and jasmine. Each candle variant is matched with different motive on the mug.

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4 Gift-giving ideas for Christmas

How the time flies! I have no idea when did all those months pass? It feels as if we were just recently celebrating New Year’s Eve and as if summer has just ended not long ago, yet we’re almost in the middle of December. All signs in the city like streetlights, decorations, colorful shopping centers leave us with no doubt that Christmas is almost here! Last year I did a series of Christmas shopping guide posts. This year I didn’t have much time for writing so many posts on how you can spend your holiday money but here it is! A couple of suggestions I would put under the tree to gift someone.


We love perfume! It’s obvious, so why not surprise someone by placing a nice fragrance under a christmas tree, a scented treasure hidden inside of a lovely decorated box. I know many of you are thinking right now – perfume can be expensive, that you are not sure if a gifted person will be happy with your choice. My point of view is that perfume is a very personal present and should be considered only if you know someone really well. But this suggestion leaves more space for discussion. This is where Andy Tauer comes to the rescue with his newly launched Tauerville collection. At the moment there is a quartet of brilliantly made fragrances of high quality.

This perfume is a flash! Chose between Rose, Vanilla, Incense and Amber. I didn’t try the last one as it’s new and from the first 3 I like Rose the most. It’s rich, jammy and also a little bit tart and green. They don’t cost a fortune, look cute and smell even better. All of them come in 30 ml cube-shaped bottle which is a very friendly size, especially if someone already owns a bigger fragrance wardrobe. Rose and Vanilla are also available in 10 ml roll-on.


Last two years have been really good for Arquiste, a niche brand from the US. Two succesful launches in their own line, an interesting collaboration with J. Crew and now also with St. Regis Hotels. If you’re like me in terms of not only loving to perfume your skin but to also actually scent your house interior, you really should look into Arquiste portfolio of candles. Those have been introduced this year and they contain really high percentage of fragrance. I had a miniature of one of those candles and after 30 minutes of burning the room was absolutely surrounded with its scent.

If you think that candle might be a good idea for one of your friends (or a good idea to put one on your own Christmas wish list) you will get to pick from among these three goodies. Art Deco Velvet is a smell of a decadent gentlemen’s club – juniper berry, blond tobacco, vanilla, oakwood and amber – inspired by The Architects Club perfume. Dark Galleon is the interpretation of how merchants ship could smell like – saffron, leather, frankincense, sandalwood, cade – it’s a candle reincarnation of Nanban, Arquiste’s 2015 fragrance release. Then you can indulge in Mexican Baroque, a rich and delightful blend that tempts you to eat it – cocoa, vanilla, smoked chilli, cedar, red clay – it’s Anima Dulcis with a wick.


I wouldn’t be myself if among my suggestions there wouldn’t be a thing signed with a Prada logo. Here I have found for you a collectors treat that would make for a divine present if you know that someone is collecting perfume miniatures. 5 fragrances, each in a 7 ml or 8 ml bottle that is a mini copy of its original bigger size should make a Pradaholic or a miniature-hollic happy.

Browsing through the depths of Internet I have found The Prada Miniatures Collection that features mini versions of Infusion d’Iris eau de parfum and eau de toilette plus 3 versions of Candy: Candy EdP, Candy L’Eau and Candy Florale. There is alternative version with Infusion d’Iris Absolue mini instead of Candy Florale. And there is also an older one that has older Prada releases: Prada EdP, Tendre, Intense & Amber Pour Homme.


If you enjoy home fragrances but scenting the entire house with a scented candle, reed diffuser or room spray seems to be a little bit too much, this little treat might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Esteban offers you a perfumed good luck charm. It’s a 2 or 3-element set of porous ceramics tied with a string. It’s gently perfumed letting you to introduce some perfume into your wardrobe, drawer or smaller room. You can hang it on door knob, on clothes rack and let it diffuse.

In Esteban offer there are 11 of those perfumed charms. Each comes in different shapes and of course in different scents. Pick from light citrusy and fresh or fruity ones or go a little bit more bold by chosing one with more heady floral bouquet or the one that smells woody, resinous and leathery. Good thing is that this little home deco is renewable. If you notice that your ceramics almost lost their aroma you can purchase a refreshing oil with a fragrance that matches your charm.


What are your scented Christmas gift ideas? If you have found something interestingly fragrant during your shopping, be it online or in store, something that you’ve never seen before, please don’t hesitate to share it. I’m always curious to see what market has to offer.

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