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All I want for Christmas is… Perfume

I don’t feel like doing a Christmas gift guide this year, there are many other blogs and websites where you can find those and they’ll be done way better than my guide. But if I happen to come across something fragrant that’s worth your attention, something that becomes a lemming as soon as you look at it,  you’ll be the first ones to hear from me. And I just did find something pretty!

Among hundrets of niche perfume brands JUL ET MAD is one of my favorites & has a high place on my list; I’m always excited to read about their new developments. They’re also a perfect example of thinking about perfume lovers and clients in general. The brand is more high-end and luxurious, their awesome fragrances are crafted with high quality essences, but you have options to choose from.jul-et-mad-coffret

If you don’t need a full coffret with a sparkly flacon you can pick a minimalistic version – a perfume in a sanded glass bottle in a plain box (called Love Basics). But that’s not all, if 50 ml is too much you can opt for a sleek black travel spray – Le Compagnon which holds 20 ml of the perfume. JUL ET MAD also offers you a possibility to try their line through 5 ml miniature. Could it get any better?

Oh yes it could! And it does! That mini, known as Love Dose have just gone through a total metamorphosis. From now on they hold 7 ml instead of 5 and have been repackaged into elegant & handy vials with sprays (instead of splash). Get a separate one (€25-28) as a perfect stocking stuffer or one of two available coffrets (€115-145) to gift more luxury. Plus they are refillable too!

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Not just on Christmas


357 days, 8568 hours, 514080 minutes. It’s a bit hard to believe but another year is at its finishing line. But before we bid farewell to 2017 we have one more big holiday to experience. The time has brought us another Christmas season & it all starts tonight. In a couple of hours we’ll sit together with our families by the table, wishing each other love, health, prosperity & many more. Then we’ll get to enjoy all of the delicious found we made, there’ll be a shiver of excitement as presents will be opened. Some will go to the Midnight Mass to welcome newborn Jesus Christ through prayer.

This Christmas I wish so that all of us can stay healthy all year round, so that we have happiness in our hearts & that we never feel alone. May our hearts be filled with joy not only right now but throughout the entire 2018. A wish upon a Christmas star is that at least one of our dreams come true next year. And from more mundane things I wish you a wonderful family time, overflowing with warm laughter. Enjoy delicious food & may you find brilliant presents under the tree. I didn’t feel the spirit of Christmas until today. But it’s somewhere near, looking for the door into my heart. I will enjoy this peaceful time for now. Late next week I’ll share a list of personal favorites in 2017.

Wesołych Świąt!
Merry Christmas!

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