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Through the Mirror, at long last!

Have you looked at the calendar lately? There’s no mistake that June 15 is almost here. And you know what that means? It’s time for Esxence! After two very lengthy years without it, I really am looking forward to reunite with old friends and acquantances, as well as potentially making some new nice relations in Milan. I’m so happy to get together with my brothers and sisters in l’eau.

Tomorrow evening I will be flying to Milan (not without any obstacles, as on Saturday my airbnb host cancelled my reservation and I desperately needed to find a quick replacement). And from Wednesday my nose will be put to a real test, haha! I’m sure I’ll be busy like the bee you see above. If any of you are going please let me know so that we can meet. Below I’m leaving you the reminder link to my instagram – so that you can feel like you’re there through the photos I will be posting.


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Smell you in the summer!

I know that in the last 2 years I haven’t been as active on the blog as I used to be. I mostly blame it on the fact that the Covid pandemic happened and for a fair amount of time we’ve been stuck in place, staying at home almost 24/7, barely being able to go out to shop for the most necessary things. Travelling was out of the question at that time, with borders being closed and so on. But that is only a part of the truth of me being so quiet. To be completely honest with you – I think I got tired.

I was seeing the blog figures drop month after month, even when I was still writing regularly. Many visitors switched their focus from written blog like Chemist in the Bottle to video reviews on YouTube, Instagram or even TikTok as of late. Also it was really hard to keep up a good pace of writing in these hard Covid years, especially that many perfume houses slowed down their activities & I was barely getting any new samples. I even felt kind of neglected by the brands I had good relationship with.

All of these things slowly started to add up and I didn’t even notice when I started taking these few-months-long breaks without writing. I could say that the flame of my fragrance passion went down significantly since early 2020. It hasn’t gone out completely and I still very much want to be a part of this world, privately & professionally. This summer I might just get the chance because after 2 years hiatus Esxence is finally going to take place. At new venue & in a completely different season.

As intended originally for 2020, Chemist in the Bottle is a media partner of this uber fragrant exhibition. Just yesterday I have booked my flight tickets as well as an Airbnb spot where I will be recharging my batteries after long days of smelling. Just in time for the fair I also would like to report that my Samsung Galaxy S9+ has retired and I’m now rocking a brand new Realme 9pro+. I never had a phone from this producer before so fingers crossed for high quality photos. And I hope for more than enough chances to rekindle my perfumery interest. Smell you all in the summer in Milan!

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