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Perfume Fact No. 4


Did you know that supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction is a trending method of obtaining a whole range of new materials that can be used in fragrance and flavor industries. At temperature above 31°C and pressure of 72.9 atm or higher CO2 turns to its supercritical state and becomes a liquid. In this form it can work as a solvent. Such supercritical fluid has the ability to penetrate fruit, flowers or other scented object and draw out the constituents of its smell. When conditions become smaller than those mentioned before, CO2 returns to its gas state – what remains is a pure extract that ideally reflects the odour of the material that was extracted. This method allows the perfumers to utlize new components that enrich the palette and broaden the horizons of perfume art. Have you tried any perfume that indicated a CO2 extract use?

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Perfume Fact No. 1


Did you know that neroli, bigarade, orange blossom or petitgrain, despite having distinctive differences between one another, are all sourced from the same bitter orange tree – Citrus aurantium var. amara? Neroli comes from water distillation of flowers, solvent extraction of same flowers yield orange blossom absolute. Bigarade is obtained via cold-pressing of the peel while distillation of twigs and leaves gives you petitgrain. It’s a whole bounty of orange tree. In perfume you can often meet more than just 1 of the orange tree essences, for example in Hiram Green Dilettante or in most recent Prada Infusion de Mandarine. Personally I’m a fan of neroli, how about you?

[note] Image is my own photo of new Infusion from Prada I bought few days ago.

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