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Scent of Memories

It’s the 1st day of November today which means that in Polish culture we celebrate All Saints’ Day. And even though Halloween celebrated on the night before is gaining on popularity year after year I don’t find it fitting here. It’s not ‘our’ holiday. 1st of November ought to be a happy day for it’s a day when we remember all saints and those who experience eternal happiness of Heaven. But in Poland it’s a day when the air smells of nostalgia, a little bit of sadness and of burning candle-lights.


As every year I’ll be going to visit a grave of my grandparents, put a wreath on it and light a candle. I wish I knew my paternal grandma & grandpa. I wish there was something that would remind me of the time we spent together… but I didn’t have that chance. Scent is one of the mediums that can instantly awaken memories. So I wonder what would be my scent of memories in their case. Maybe a perfume they wore if they wore any? Or the smell of food they prepared like nobody else? Who knows. Does any of you have the smells in their life that instantly lead you to remembering someone from your family who is no longer with you? What aromas bring back the memories to you?

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Two weeks ago at NST Angela posted an article about different ways of classifying perfume in your own collection. Instead of going with boring families like citrus, floral & oriental, she would group her fragrance into families such as bombshell, old-fashioned chypre or comfort, to name just a few. She asked if others use their own classification systems. In fact, I didn’t ever pay much attention to categorizing my collection. But I liked the idea so much that it seeded an idea in my head.

I let my creativity run loose and few minutes later I had the idea of a few fragrance families of my own that would reflect the character of my perfume wardrobe. One of them was Pradaholic, being a class that would fit in all perfume Daniela Andrier created for Prada. Second one I named nostalgic, it was reserved for scents that put you in a contemplative mood or cause certain positive memories come back to your head. Surprisingly this class consists of many perfume with iris or rose notes. I described 3rd family as moodlifters. It would feature any fragrance that has the ability to cheer me up when I’m feeling down sometimes. Personally I find citrus, green notes and light floral compositions to have such effect on me, therefore this family would have lots of colognes in it.

However one of my fragrance families seemed more interesting to Angela and others who read her post at NST. I named the last category with a completely new word to me –  cuddlefluffs. Perhaps I should start by explaining that yes, it is a combination of cuddle and fluff. At Now Smell This I wrote that it would be an ideal family for amber and vanilla perfume but after giving it more though I realized it’s much more than that. To me a cuddlefluff by definition would be any perfume that smells soft & gentle. It’s a group of perfumes that envelop and embrace the wearer. A scented equivalent of a thick plush blanket you can wrap around yourself. A perfume that would be like a cat purring with content because you have him or her on your lap and you pet it gently.

That’s a theory, so I’d like to give you a few perfumes that would give you a more clear idea about what I mean by cuddlefluffs: Atelier Cologne Silver Iris & Santal Carmin, Aedes Cierge de Lune, Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114, Jacques Fath Bel Ambre, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir, Masque L’Attesa, Puredistance Sheiduna, Serge Lutens Fourreau Noir, Van Cleef & Arpels Moonlight Patchouli, Huitieme Art Shermine – to name just a few. Cuddlefluffs seem like ideal perfumes to wear in autumn and winter season. Now that you know more about this gendre I created, what would you add to it? We could build an impressive cuddlefluff database together.

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