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Travelling Box of Perfume – Update

Thanks for everyone’s interest in joining my Travelling Box of Perfume project, there’s quite a few of you who want to participate & that makes me very happy. With a current poll of participants I think that most optimal route for our box packed with scented goodies would look more or less like this:

Poland (Lucas) → Finland (finanna) → Belgium (cafecosmetique) → Spain (Gabriela) → New Jersey (Hajusuuri) → Pennsylvania (MMKinPA & Coin-op) → Michigan (realbliss) → Texas (Nancyleandros) → California (shelly, Shiva Woman, Undina, Lisa D)


However before we proceed any further there are a few more things to clarify.

  • Clarissa1812, you didn’t specify from which state you are, please update so I can insert you in the right place of the route.
  • Gabriela, since being most to the West in Europe you are ‘closest’ to the US. My question is – can you ship a perfume package without any problems from Spain to America?
  • In case of participants from Pennsylvania and California – if I know cities where you’re based I can determine order myself, or I can leave it for you to discuss.

Considering the fact that I’ll be going on my annual summer vacation at the beginning of September I believe that our Travelling Box of Perfume won’t be ready for its departure until end of that month. This is probably for the best as the content will avoid transit in high temperatures. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions you’re welcome to share, there’s still plenty of time. You can also still sign up to participate in this project if you haven’t made up your mind yet. The Box is waiting for you.

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Travelling Box of Perfume – an Idea

This weekend the temperature fell down by a whole 10 degrees, meaning it is much more pleasant to be outside. We also got some rain today, which caught me as I was cycling in the early afternoon. We really need rain, much more than what appeared this Saturday. But enough about the weather.


Today I’m writing this post to share with you an idea I had in my mind since few months ago. I’d like to find out if there would be any interest for doing a travelling box of perfume with me. The idea isn’t brand new, it has been done in the past, for example at Bois de Jasmin but I really do like this kind of activity and I think this could also bring our blog community even closer together. Concept behind travelling box of perfume is quite simple. I would assemble a box of samples and small decants and send it to the next participant who’d be the closest one to me by distance. Then that person would forward the box to the next person. A couple of rules would apply to make it neat:

  • From the box you receive you can take up to 5 samples just for you,
  • You should replace each sample you take with a new sample of your choice. If you wish you can add more to the box than you took.
  • Once you receive the box you should be able to post it to the next participant within 2 weeks.
  • I would also ask for your short comments about each fragrance you tested as well as which samples left the box and what you added. I will post updates from each participant.

Sounds fun? If you’re interested and would like to join please leave a comment under this post telling me where you reside. If there are some participants I’ll try to plan a route for our box.

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