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Keeping the good balance

Never in my entire scented life have I been close to reaching a status of a perfume addict. Once in a while I observe those Facebook groups and there are some people who share their news of another perfume purchase every other day. Do they really LOVE so many perfume? Maybe they do, but even if they borrowed 9 lives from a cat, they wouldn’t have enough time to fully enjoy all of them. But I’m not here to judge. They can do whatever they want to. Personally I think of myself as a perfume enthusiast, a passionate who is far from addiction. I love perfume & anything related to it. I can talk about fragrance for hours and I love to hear about it too. Not to mention that I adore smelling it.


Since the whole journey to the Perfumeland (a.k.a down the rabbit hole) started for me I always wanted to keep my perfume collection reasonably sized, more modest yet with wide variety of choices. It was partially dictated by the fact that I always had to keep my budget in mind. Still I don’t see a point in owning +100 bottles of perfume, a part of which you’re going to forget and won’t spend enough time wearing. Of course there are many fragrances that get my attention but I don’t feel like I should own every single one of them. In fact the longer I am a part of the perfume community the more picky I become when it comes to finding a new scent that I think should join my wardrobe.

Can you guess how many flacons I bought in 2017? There were 5 of them & each one ended as a split, with me keeping 20-30 ml of the original size. This year I already bought one – Grandiflora Queen of the Night. I got it two weeks ago when I learned the brand is now available in Poland and this perfume has been following me since Pitti. It was also my first purchase since September 2017. I might get another one to celebrate my birthday next month. But first I need to find something desirable. For the time being I’m still excited to try many new fragrances this year & to tell you about them. And final thought from Angela at NST – A perfume that sits in its bottle is dead. So true!

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Trend or foe?

Collins English Dictionary defines trend as “a change or development towards something new or different” and among its synonyms you can find words such as tendency, style, current or fashion. Nowadays trends are everywhere and for everything. They apply to the clothes we wear, to the food we eat, to sports we do to name just a few. But is it so good to follow them blindly? Don’t you think that being trendy also means suppressing our own personality? There’s no need to be rebellious but personally I prefer to just go with what I like, no matter if it agrees with any trend or not.


What do you think we can expect having 18-3838 Ultra Violet as a Pantone Color of the Year 2018? It will definitely affect fashion or interior design. In your opinion are the chances high that it will affect perfume world as well? If it does I think we might be in for more fragrances with lavender, violet, plum, iris or even purple ginger. Or brands will try to sneak a word purple or pourpre into the names of their upcoming fragrances. I definitely wouldn’t mind smelling some more iris or lavender this year. If you were a trendsetter would you establish any specific trend for fragrances for this year?

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