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Gifted… with Friends and Perfume

One of the best things about becoming a part of perfume world, next to the possibility of smelling countless new fragrances, is the opportunity to talk to many different people who share a common interest with you. With most people it’s mostly about chatting & exchanging comments online. Some might get lucky and eventually meet in person if they live in similar area or attend events like Esxence. No matter which way of interactions applies to you, there’s always someone that you feel more connected to compared than the others. Sooner or later you start to think of them as friends.

jillie-giftOver the years of being present in this scented universe – on various blogs and websites at first (Now Smell This mostly), then through Chemist in the Bottle I made a small group of friends too. We’re connected through perfume but it feels like our relationship levelled up a few times as our perfume tastes are also incredibly similar. I never met them face to face, I haven’t heard their voices yet but they are my friends nonetheless. It is my wish meet them in person and give them a big hug (and then smell perfume together).

We have a tradition of our own, that once in a while we exchange scented packages. We swap samples from brands that are harder to find for both sides, or perfume we wrote an article about that was so good that it made us want to try it. Sometimes no scent is involved when we simply want to share something with one another. Birthdays, Christmas or Easter are our main occasions to send something. Recently I sent a gift to Jillie and got one from her too. Inside I found a gorgeous iris card, a couple of samples and Neroli Iris body milk from Korres. To Jillie I sent samples, tea and a bar of chocolate. Any time I receive a package I feel blessed. Blessed with friends and perfume.

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Giving thanks

Last Thursday many of you celebrated Thanksgiving with your friends & family. Here in Poland such holiday doesn’t exist. Rumour has it that there were attempts in the past to adapt it here as well but big turkeys didn’t fit in our ovens. It’s probably not true but it’s a funny anecdote anyway. Even though Polish don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I think it’s a beautiful tradition. Each of us has their own reasons to be thankful, be it good health, happy family, succesful job. I think it’s important to know the value of every little thing that brightens our life and be grateful for them all year round.


I am thankful for many things, one of them is a blessing of being able to interact with you here on the blog. I know we’ve never met in person, I don’t know faces of most of you but I feel in my heart that we’re friends anyway, or even a small family like group of people who love perfume. As my way of giving thanks I’d like to offer a little present. I’d like to gift one person with 25 samples. The twist is that it’s going to be a mystery box – you won’t know what’s inside! The samples will be varied, mostly niche, they might be more or less full. Anyone who follows Chemist in the Bottle for at least a month can enter. To do so just leave a comment saying something nice or expressing your thanks.

Next week a winner will be selected randomly and package will be on its way to the lucky person.

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