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And the winner is…

… Alen!

Congratulations! You just won a sample of Puredistance Gold in the giveaway project organized together with Undina, Vanessa and Portia. Looking forward to find out about other winners.


Please drop me an email (please use a blog contact form) with your full postal address and I’ll try to have your sample shipped as soon as possible! We all really hope we’ll help sharing the love for Puredistance with this giveaway. Many thanks to all who participated in this project.

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For the Love of Gold – Puredistance Gold giveaway

This post is a part of a joint mini project, a.k.a. giveaway, held by Undina (Undina’s Looking Glass), Vanessa (Bonkers about Perfume), Lucas (Chemist in the Bottle) and Portia (Australian Perfume Junkies) – see details at the bottom of the post.

15 or even 10 years ago niche perfumery was still pretty much a toddler crawling on all fours and slowly learning how to stand. It was back then when more niche brands started to appear and make their first steps into the market. Those were the times when blogging was “the thing” so more people followed, creating their blogs – on which they’d talk about fragrance, each in their very special way. Some of these authors continue to write to a present day, others have moved on and left.

Brands from the niche segment loved bloggers as through their writing they were raising awareness of online communities that Chanel, Gucci and Dior standing on the shelves of perfumeries are not their only choice. Their articles were cherished both by the brands and by the readers. The first ones were happy to provide a free sample for blogger’s considerations. The latter ones slowly started to shift towards niche releases, allowing this part of the market to expand & grow bigger.

But as we all know, nothing remains constant in this world. In 2020 (or actually since few years ago) blogging is no longer “the think”. When instagram boomed a lot of focus from the digital world went there, giving birth to a new media platform where you can not only show yourself but also your product… And advertise it with the help of influencers. Since written world became “old-fashioned” and less attractive, many of the brands stopped providing free samples to bloggers.


Many niche brand owners turned their back on blog writers, some did it more politely, other were more ostentatious about it. But there’s one brand that continues to have faith in bloggers ever since they were founded. That brand is Puredistance. They create extraordinary fragrances of the highest quality and ever since I was writing Chemist in the Bottle they graced me with press release samples of each fragrance they released throughout the years and with unexpected presents that celebrated their milestones. You could say that I felt loved by the brand and that they value my writing.

To me fragrances composed by Puredistance are exquisite, done the right way (read: with no rush) and with utmost care to the detail. And while I have personal favourites in the range, I find all their fragrances to be worth trying. My writing helps you understand the perfume but it’s not a substitute of wearing it, and in case of Puredistance, the skin changes everything. To share the love, along with Undina (who came up with the idea for this project), Vanessa and Portia we’d like to share some GOLD with those of you who otherwise might be not able to try it due to limited distribution.

Each of us is offering a 1.5 ml decanted sample of Puredistance Gold for a person living in the respective region. If you’re based in the US or Canada – you should check out the giveaway on Undina’s Looking Glass. If you’re in UK – check out Vanessa’s Bonkers About Perfume. Readers from Australia – you go and see Portia’s giveaway at Australian Perfume Junkies. And finally, if you’re based in Europe – my giveaway is for you. Only thing you have to do is to comment and tell me where you live. You’ve got time until February 23rd to join this giveaway.

If you’d like feel free to add your SOTD in the entry or if you tried any Puredistance perfume before. Good luck to everyone and make sure to join the giveaway on the correct blog.

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