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Notes of the Summer

As you probably noticed I felt a bit down for the last couple of weeks. Even in my last week post I said that I didn’t know what to do with my summer vacation this year. The truth is that I didn’t even want to think about going anywhere. I was supposed to be preparing to my relocation to France but that obviously didn’t work this time. I should be strong and hope for the future but that’s easier said than done. In the meantime a clock is ticking and summer is closer to its end than to the beginning.


Maybe I’m starting to get on terms with it, maybe my summer blues is finally fading away or maybe it was because all of the lovely words you poured down on me but I just wanted to let you know that I did it a couple of days ago, I booked my holiday! In 2nd half of September I’ll be going on a round trip in the Alps. The itinerary involves visiting places in Italian region of Piemont as well as spending some time in Switzerland and Austria. I’m quite looking forward to it, despite all odds.

What’s your favorite perfume or a favorite discovery of this summer?

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Joy of new life – Happy Easter 2019


Dear Friends, in a short message I just want to wish you a wonderful Easter time that you can spend with your family. Smile, laugh and have a holiday time full of joy & positive energy all around you. May this important, yet short celebration let you take a breather and focus only on good things.

Because Esxence is coming almost right after Easter I won’t be posting anymore before my departure which will happen on Wednesday. But I do hope that you’ll find a moment or two to visit my Instagram, so that you can discover new fragrances together with me. Lots of love for Easter!

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