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Up, up and away


Dear friends, with this short note I’d like to let you know that tomorrow I’m leaving for my long-awaited summer holidays. When everyone around was enjoying their time off, I was still focusing on my work. I’m very happy that the date of my departure is so close – I think I deserve a break. Due to mild summer in Poland I could review so many new fragrances for you that I feel proud of myself.

My travel destination is once again Italy but I’ll be seeing different places than last year. I can’t stand vacationing in just one spot, so my voyage will include some movement around the map. There will be time for sightseeing (Milan, Genoa, Pisa) as well as some time for just lazing away (Lake Como). I’m taking with me 7 small perfume samples, that’s enough. I will spend 3 final days of my trip in Florence, having enough opportunities to get drunk on perfume thanks to Pitti Fragranze. On Instagram you can follow different stages of my holidays. See you again after September 12.

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Traveling light

Time for my summer vacation is almost here and when that time comes I face the same dilemma every year. Does anyone know a secret to how to pack lightly? When you’re travelling with hand luggage only and you’re a perfume lover who doesn’t want to part with their collection even for a week or two, you have to come up with a tricky way to pack your suitcase so that all clothes fit in and so that you don’t exceed the amount of cosmetics & liquids you’re allowed to take onboard.


If not taking any perfume is not an option (even if you’re guaranteed that you’ll smell some or even buy something on your holidays) you have several choices. 1) A friendly 30 ml bottle is great while 10-15 ml travel spray is even better, but buying these is always less economical regarding a price per ml. 2) If you have some small bottles on hand you can do some decanting and take 5-10 ml of few of your favorite fragrances. 3) Got no bottles available? Taking a handful of samples might be your last resort. We are NOT considering cancelling your trip because of perfume packing problems.

This weekend I will be doing the laundry of all the clothes I’m taking with me. I will also prepare maps, guides and some tips for my time of leisure. I also have to decide what perfume I shall take. So, my dear friends – please help me. What should I pack considering the airline hand luggage rules? To make it easier, here is a summary of my collection. Additionally feel free to name brands that offer the best travel friendly sizes in your opinion.  I’m getting all excited for this trip.

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