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Monday Quick Sniffs, part 29

Calling all readers! Gather around because today we’re gonna have some Quick Sniffs.

Eau de Bruxelles is one of the lighter, warm-season-friendly fragrances from perfumer Libertin Louison and his brand – Technique Indiscrete. This perfume opens with a vividly yellow smell of Sicilian lemon and Calabrian bergamot. The opening is tart and aromatic instead of being overly juicy or mouth-watering. Few minutes later the composition becomes slightly more powdery and fuzzy, which leads us to the peach accord. I didn’t find it very fruity (or peachy at all), on my skin it smelled powdery and with a hint of peach skin. Some time later the blend becomes more fresh and crunchy with some apple. The latter note is spiced with cinnamon and black pepper so you kind of get an apple pie effect here but it’s very brief. The drydown is more heavy in this fragrance. You’ll find an animalic leather combined with cedar, vetiver and patchouli that provide dry roughness and some masculinity. Even though I said that the latter notes are heavier, Eau de Bruxelles is still a relatively lightweight perfume and its later stages shouldn’t bring you any problems if you wear it on a hot day.

Hunter from the indie line MCMC Fragrances is the example of simplicity done the right way. The scent begins with a hefty dose of vanilla which is really muted and at least in my case it didn’t smell sweet at all. It was rather dark. After a while Hunter turns smoky with a powerful tobacco accord. This fragrance features a tobacco note that is really dark. There is nothing sweet, smooth or honeyed about it. It’s a tobacco as it is, dry, raw and chewy – not to everyone’s liking for sure. Further into fragrance development we’ll encounter a fir balsam note. Among perfumes featuring that note, Hunter is one of the most realistic ones. It truly feels as if you were taking a stroll in a dense forest full of fir trees. It’s incredibly green, aromatic and spacious but at some point there is this weird medicinal smell that develops and it smells like a cough syrup. This doesn’t last long though. MCMC founders created a perfume that is interesting and weird at the same time.

Eros from Italian niche line Peccato Originale is a truly beautiful and seductive perfume, just like the name would suggest. Composition of this scent starts with a dark matter of oud and gurjum balsam. They produce a smell that is really heavy and resinous, almost black. After some time the darkness subsides and reveals a beautiful rose note. Surrounded by the mysterious smell of resins it feels incredibly rich and highly saturated, velvety in texture. There is also something alcoholic about the rose accord, something that makes me think of rum and its rich & sweet smell. As the time flies this rose warms up thanks to ambery molecules that add more sensuality and refinement to the composition. Presence of musk in Eros is not shown until few hours have passed. Then it appears and it makes the perfume smell kind of erotic and seductive. Well – nothing less from Eros.

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