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Sunny profusion, Prada Infusion de Mimosa

It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said thatyellow is he most summer-reminiscent color out there. People often wear that color during summer (because it visually enhances our tan) and also sun or sand on the beach are often described as yellow. And of course there are also yellow ice cream (like delicious lemon sorbet) and yellow flowers. Inspired by a yellow hue of mimosas is the latest addition to Les Infusions collection from the house of Prada.

Prada Infusion de Mimosa begins with a crystal clear veil of dewiness. At the very start if feels a little bit watery with a hint of powdery sweetness in the background. This impression subsides really quickly and after 2-3 minutes things start to shape up & they form a lovely bucket of mimosa blossoms. To me the smell is slightly green in the beginning, kind of vegetal even and then it turns floral. It’s the smell of yellow flowers that manifest the happiness of a summer season with their bright color. Their specific, flowerish aroma intensifies in the next minutes and then I start to notice that there is also some subdued, honey-like sweetness surrounding those mimosa blossoms.

After a while the mimosa accord becomes more reminiscent of flower pollen to me as it becomes delicately sweet and powdery. But then on this yellow background some fragrant red spots appear. Those are rose petals that announce a second wave of flowers to Infusion de Mimosa. Rose note in new Prada fragrance is not an obvious and simple being. It’s more like a memory of a rose, only its “fingerprint” as the aroma is sheer and light, gentle like a little wind. You can smell the rose but you can’t touch the rose. With a grace of a ballerina dancer the rosy note fades down.


Another aspect of the fragrance is its soft spiciness that appears on my skin after around 30 minutes. Anise gives this warm and tingly feeling that for a brief moment has something astringent to it. It’s way more pronounced than a rose was yet it’s so well-mannered that the entire concept of latest Prada Infusion remains intact, with mimosa still being in a central place. Light and spicy fragrance of anise gradually evaporates and seamlessly becomes a mandarin orange note. It’s just a light and breezy touch of citrus – any juiciness of zesty vibe is pretty minimal and as I was wearing Infusion de Mimosa during daily activities, I couldn’t smell it. It was too airy to notice it while doing other things.

It was easier to detect when I was writing this review, with my nose glued to my wrist and even in such conditions it was very, very weak. The drydown of Prada Infusion de Mimosa has a little bit more substance to it with nice and round woody notes. The pyramid doesn’t mention any wood species but probably some cedarwood was used to blend this particular accord. At some point the woodiness becomes less and less there, stepping aside – and that’s when a powdery note becomes a friend of yours. I love powdery finish of Prada fragrances and this is no exception. It will hum just above your skin for the rest of time. Satisafaction guaranteed.

Perfumer Daniela Andrier has created another magnificent fragrance to enrich the portfolio of Les Infusions de Prada with a brand new and completely different fragrance. It’s stunning, chic and with that sparkle of timeless elegance, so very Prada. Even though the fragrance is extremely light and airy it wears very nice (perhaps a good idea for a lighter scent for a hot day). It smells best from up close in my case the lasting power is similar to other Infusions, which is around 8 hours. If you love mimosa (and I know a few people who do), Infusion de Mimosa from Prada is definitely worth a try.

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