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Jul et Mad Love Dose giveaway

After my recent review of Amour de Palazzo I was contacted by Madalina of Jul et Mad and she very kindly offered a Love Dose giveaway to be held at Chemist in the Bottle! How great and generous is that!? What is a Love Dose you might ask. It’s a 5ml bottle of perfume, a miniature reflection of 50ml elegant flacon. They’re presented in custom-made boxes. A very stylish thing.

Since the prize is so lovable and luxurious there’s a special task for those who covet it:

Imagine that you were asked by Jul et Mad to give an inspiration for their 4th perfume. Think of a name that this fragrance might have and give one accord that would be a key to this composition”

Please try to stick to a perfume name that will be no longer than 4 words, and if possible, don’t double the “key note” you decide to go with. Before you post, check the previous comments if someone hasn’t already used it. It’s fine if a couple of people will decide on ingredient X, but I want to avoid the situation where half of participants chose the same perfume note. One entry per person!

The contest will last until Sunday, November 24th. Then we’ll have some brainstorming – Madalina, Julien and I, will chose their favourite entry, so there’ll be 3 winners! Three! Hurray! Each winner will get a Jul et Mad Love Dose mini of their choice so it can be either Stilettos on Lex, Terrasse a St-Germain or Amour de Palazzo. Love Doses are worth 22,5€/29$ each so I believe that it’s worth to join and use some creativity. Good luck! Do your best. We can’t wait to see your ideas!

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