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Mother’s Touch, Gabriella Chieffo Lattedoro

A bond between mother and her child is something that cannot be imitated. It’s like an invisible thread that connects their bodies and their minds that allows them to communicate on a completely different level. Many times even words are unnecessary and our moms knew exactly what was going on. This special bond and gift of caring touch every mother offers to her child served as an inspiration for Gabriella Chieffo to compose a new fragrance, an expression of motherly love.

Lattedoro opens with an abundance of warm and cuddly spices. There is a beautiful cinnamon shimmer that’s leading the fragrance. It has a lovely tingly sweetness in the back. Shredded nutmeg adds its own spicy vibrance but it has a dry manner that’s reminiscent of the smell of old book or parchment, with a hint of something peppery. Curcuma introduces an orange tinge and adds an element of Indian culture to the perfume. All these ingredients mingle together really nicely and their scents entwine, bringing the feeling of comfort and warmth to anyone who wears it.

As some of you could conclude or check in translator, Lattedoro translates directly into ‘golden milk’, therefore you should be able to guess easily what this perfume can reveal next. Milk accord appears quickly, within 10 minutes from spraying on skin. Lactonic notes build up gradually, creating the effect of slow immersion. It’s an important part of this perfume as it combines all of the different pieces into one. Milkiness of Lattedoro is powerful, as to me it’s the loudest note in the fragrance. But at the same time it has a gentle and caring feeling to it. Very cosy and embracing.


When milky notes blend together with cinnamon, nutmeg & curcuma, Gabriella Chieffo Lattedoro becomes a tasty and aromatic liquid. At this stage I could catch a whiff of iris but it easily gets lost in the vast ‘milk sea’ that surrounds the wearer with a tight & fluffy cocoon. On the other hand coconut vibe is clearly noticeable, adding more deliciousness to the perfume. Milk and coconut have similar olfactive profiles, that’s probably a reason why there were no issues to smell it. Press release mentions jasmine among heart notes but I didn’t smell it. I smell something else though.

For example honey – its sweet and shiny-luminous facet is yet another ingredient to add more taste the glass of milk Lattedoro is. The whole perfume smells like a honeymilk a mother would make for her child on that night when they can’t fall asleep. It’s a blend of those aromas that soothe senses and calm your mind. Drydown becomes more gooey and creamy through a woody element of sandalwood. It’s a bit like pudding. Vanilla joins the composition to add even more sweetness and make an edible impression of this fragrance even stronger. Finally there is some leather.

Lattedoro by Gabriella Chieffo is a gourmand perfume from top to bottom yet it’s not repulsively sweet. It has that kind of flavor that brings back childhood memories as probably every one of us was treated to a glass of warm milk & honey infusion at least once when they were few years old. I like the idea but as a person who is not after foody scents I’m not sure if I’d like to smell this way more regularly. I think I’d like it more in a candle. Lattedoro is an eau de parfum with good sillage and longevity. It’s available in 100 ml bottles. How does this sweetness appeal to you?

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Gates of Heaven, Gabriella Chieffo Quasicielo

From the very young age we are being taught specific behaviours, reactions by our parents and teachers. Of course they do it in good faith, to help us function in a society, to adapt to living and interacting with other people. You can say that they shape us in some sort of way. But sooner or later for everyone comes the moment when they start feeling independent, that they would like to start shaping themselves. This often brings questions like: who am I? who I want to be? Discovering your own identity and deciding which path to choose might be hard, but it’s a valuable lesson. Recently Gabriella Chieffo introduced a fragrance inspired by this particular stage of life.

Quasicielo starts with aromatic facet of crushed cardamom. It feels crunchy, nutty in some sort of way with a dry tinge of spice. It’s followed by a tender smell of green mandarin and lemon. They are somehow creamy instead of juicy, which hives me the impression of citrus custard with additional spicy flavor. It smells intriguing, kind of bizarre but at the same time it makes me want to see what will happen next. Fresh ginger makes Quasicielo tingly and fizzy while cinnamon is responsible for introducing a dry but tasty facet that veers towards balsamic qualities. Quite surprising.

Speaking of balsamic, the perfume has a myrrh accord that is quite prominent. I thought that I might not like it but it’s toned down by surrounding spiciness. Especially black pepper makes it less in your face with its own vibrant, metallic spice vibe. Galbanum is also an important feature of Quasicielo. It adds a green tint to the perfume but at the same time it feels more earthy, rooty instead of smelling of stems and leaves. It’s probably because it’s been overwhelmed by other notes.


This fragrance changes continuously, revealing more nuances of its structure. Every next one feels intriguing, far from obvious. For some time I can smell a cacophony of different materials. Smell of lemon cream mixes with cardamom, cinnamon or some myrrh. After a few hours Quasicielo is not so strong anymore but the drydown is not to be missed since it’s quite dark. Smoky yet welcoming scent of incense spreads around creating a mysterious, slightly eerie aura. Patchouli make it feel more intense and dirty, as on its own it smells rooty, earthy, with a woody twist.

Picture that Quasicielo paints in my head in its late stage is a forest at night. Trees, looking ominous are surrounded by a fog. But then there is warmth, that of tonka bean. Tender, aromatic and reassuring, it feels like a supporting hand on your shoulder that says ‘everything is going to be alright’ without actually using words. Creaminess of sandalwood and luminosity of amber are like the light that will guide you through this forest. There’s weirdness and magic in this perfume. Nothing should make sense here but it does! Ingredients are separate & they are together.

I have to admit that Quasicielo by Maison Gabriella Chieffo is a weird, strange perfume but at the same time it’s one that it’s hard to pass by being indifferent. It sure has something that makes the wearer keep sniffing their wrists. This composition marks the first attempt for Gabriella Chieffo to make perfume on her own, without help of Luca Maffei. You’ll notice in this fragrance that she’s still learning, that the perfume is not perfect and it has rough edges. In my opinion that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. Quasicielo translates to ‘almost heaven’ while its visual depicts a man leaving a body of a woman. This eau de parfum is available in 100 ml bottles. Projection and longevity are above average. I wonder what will be your opinion about this fragrance.

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