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Serene Tide, Atelier des Ors Pomelo Riviera

When it comes to European summer holiday destinations I have a feeling that French Riviera is among those places everyone would like to visit at least once. Almost like a mythical land that offers wide beaches, soft & golden sand as well as azure blue water. It’s expensive, usually quite crowded with (rich) tourists but we still would like to be a part of that summer glamour. That said it’s not a surprise that fragrance brands take Cote d’Azur as a place to inspire their ‘parfum d’ete’. So did Atelier des Ors by introducing a trio of easy-going compositions –  Collection Riviera.

Pomelo Riviera is like a promise of a lazy day spent on reading an interesting book as you gently swing in a hammock. The compositions opens with a refreshing bitterness of pomelo, or of a grapefruit in general. Unlike many citric notes that tend to punch you in the face as molecules begin to evaporate, this new Atelier des Ors fragrance has more peaceful start and the smell of pomelo grows stronger over the next couple of minutes. Following this mouth-watering start, bergamot arrives shortly after – introducing a zesty and tangy facet fillet with juiciness & playfullness.

If perfume can get you as close to the impression of biting into a real citrus fruit then Pomelo Riviera is one of the perfume that can do it. After a while grapefruit and bergamot become milder, softer and kind of pillow-y. Like a soft perfumed cloud that is slightly powdery. Laziness and relaxing feeling slowly take over your body as you smell it. From this citrusy delicacy a floral accord emerges and blooms on the skin as the most ethereal jasmine you can imagine. Its airy, feathery – more like a breeze that carries the scent from the nearby garden rather than smelling the flower directly.


In this supple accord Atelier Cologne Pomelo Riviera is reminiscent of other summery florals, such as Van Cleef & Arpels California Reverie or more recently reviewed Chanel Paris – Riviera. Part of their DNA responsible for a dreamy, gentle note of jasmine is the same. Further into fragrance development we meet orange blossom. It re-introduces citrusy tones to the flowery phase. Additionally rose adds a pastel pink hue to the perfume. It’s like a chiffon veil and in this particular case it smells to my nose like some sort of a tea note. Maybe a refreshing rose infusion?

As if there wasn’t enough leisure in Pomelo Riviera, later parts of the perfume have a warm character with a delicate whiff of saltiness floating nearby. If you can envision taking a quick dive in the water to cool down a bit and then go back to your hammock – that’s how it smells. Like the skin kissed by the sun with a slightly salty taste of the Mediterranean sea. It’s sensual and undoubtedly summery. Cedarwood absorbs part of that saltiness and floral tones and slowly exudes these along some more substantive woody nuances that make the perfume last for a nice period of time.

What can I say? Pomelo Riviera from Atelier des Ors is a perfume that shall bring pleasure to anyone wearing it. This summery, almost cologne-like scent wears effortlessly and suits many different occasions – drive along the coastline, lazy stroll at the beach, night party? It will smell amazing during all of these activities. Since this new collection is inspired by Cote d’Azur the bottles have been beautifully tinted blue to evoke color of the water. Pomelo Riviera was developed by perfumer Marie Salamagne, it’s available in eau de parfum concentration and in 100 ml flacons.

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Heavenly voices, Atelier des Ors Choeur des Anges

Someone once said that you can find happiness in simplest things and they were not wrong. Those smallest, simple things are a source of everyday joy. You can find it in a book, in a catchy song that can’t get out of our head. It also hides in smiles of other people or in such trivial thing like getting a candy from a coworker to have it with your coffee. Travelling and a chance to discover new places also makes me happy. Not to mention perfume! It brought a smile to my face numerous times, some scents are ideal mood-lifters. Atelier des Ors explores happiness with their White Collection.


Just like a choir usually begins their performance with softer voices, Choeur des Anges follows a similar manner. The perfume unveils on my skin with a lovely blackcurrant note. Its aroma – tart and with a certain tang to it, instantly makes my mouth water. It has a realistic and natural smell that transports you to a fruity garden where fruit can bathe in the sunlight as much as they want. Couple of minutes later the composition starts to evolve, becoming more juicy and citrusy. Blood orange is another mouth-watering ingredient of this Atelier des Ors scent. Its juiciness is sweet to contrast with a tart opening note. It’s also bright & prominent allowing you to almost smell its red color.

Actually when blood orange joined the composition I noticed how well it blended with blackcurrant. I even had an impression as if Choeur des Anges transitioned to red currant actually as the orange note amplified the fruitiness of the perfume but it toned down the initial tart flavor which created a new vibe picked by my nose. Further into the fragrance development things become temporarily softer. Pear calms down lively orange and vigorous blackcurrant to introduce the fruitiness of a more smooth, delicate type. What I also wanted to notice in this stage is that pear gives me the impression as if it was in a form of a puree rather than a whole fruit. It’s a very happy scent until now.

Atelier des Ors Choeur des Anges changes its character when heart of the composition is reached. From a delicious and almost edible fruity cocktail we are being taken into more floral accords. Mid-registers bloom with bounty of orange blossom. White florals and their luminosity create quite a heady, richly scented bouquet. No surprise since orange blossom has been used in the form of absolute, which is stronger and sometimes can veer in more indolic direction. It definitely has a nicely accentuated honeyed facet. Carrot seed accord adds a little bit of vegetal aspect and osmanthus wraps around with its tea and apricot-like style. Thanks to it this phase is not overdone.


For the next couple of hours the perfume shows its full range of nuances and interactions between the notes. Afterwards Choeur des Anges is ready for a grand finale. Honey, of which we had the first peek while smelling orange blossom, now becomes more pronounced. The brand says it’s a Provencal honey but all I know is that it smells sweet, with a nice facet of flower pollen. I don’t find it animalic at all but it sure is shiny like a liquid gold. Resinous and balsamic notes of amber make a great marriage with the just mentioned honey while cedarwood gives a more substantive base but it doesn’t make that much of a statement. Nevertheless it’s a gorgeous spring fragrance.

Choeur des Anges from Atelier des Ors really could be considered a scent equivalent of a singing choir. Just like their vocals can soothe your mind or wake you up, this perfume can do the same on the olfactive level. It’s a very radiant fragrance which can shine a light of endorfins on anyone who wears it. Perfumer Marie Salamagne created a trio of fragrances along Nuda Veritas and Crepuscule des Ames, and all 3 of them live up to their “search of happiness” theme. Choeur des Anges is an eau de parfum which is available in 100 ml bottles. It’s a great choice for spring and summer months.

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