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May your days be Merry…


There are as many recipes for a good life as there are people in the world. And even though we all try our best to enjoy every day, sometimes there are moments when positive things are unnoticed, when they slip through our fingers like water, not letting us to source happiness from them. In this world stress, preasure and rat race can blind us from time to time. But when December comes you might start to notice some change. Like under a spell – people slowly start to calm down, they smile more. Last 24 days, days of Advent, were meant to prepare our hearts and souls for the celebration of Christmas. Today the wait is over, giving us the reason to be joyful and full of Holiday cheer.

At the moment many are still busy in the kitchen, but in a few hours all of us will be putting on their festive clothes. When the first star appears in the sky we’ll say a prayer and then sit around the table for the Christmas Eve. No matter where you are, no matter what you do or what exactly are you celebrating, I do hope my wishes can reach you, as the world is long and wide. May we all be blessed with good health because without it it’s hard to enjoy anything else. Let happiness be always present in our life and may good fortune be in favor of us all. Enjoy yourselves surrounded by family, friends. On these special days give light and accept light. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

With that all said let me wish you a very Merry Christmas. You are a very important part of me, my family – and I am extremely thankful to have met you on my life path. With all my love, Lucas.

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Everyday is Christmas


They say that every door lead to somewhere but you are never 100% sure what you’ll find on the other side – but that’s a part of an everyday thrill I guess. But if you were one of those people who had an Advent calendar this year you definitely know where these last door, with a number 24 on them, lead. They lead us towards Christmas & should be opened today. Opening of these tiny door in your calendars can have an additional, symbolic meaning. For in this Holiday time we should also open our hearts. Maybe for some reason its door has been locked but we are the only ones who hold the key to open it again.

Christmas wishes that I send you every year are usually quite similar to each other but that’s because they come straight from the heart – and it keeps wishing for the same things year after year. Dear Santa, please bring all my friends good health, a lot of happiness for every day and only positive people around us.  Please give us all courage to keep on dreaming! I wish you all a magical Christmas time – with family by your side, with delicious meals on the table & extraordinary gifts under the tree. All of that with an open heart, so that we don’t feel lonely among other people. May festive atmosphere fill us from head to toe letting us feel as if everyday was Christmas! 1000 hugs! I’ll be taking a break until the end of the week when I plan to share with you my yearly review.

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