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I’m so Esxcited!


The countdown has reached zero today and that means that the day has come! Two months after I signed up for a 10th edition of Esxence it is finally the time to start another perfume adventure in Milan. I’m so excited! Esxcited even! My suitcase is all packed and ready & I think I’m well prepared for 3 days of perfume extravaganza blended with lots of scented chatting with different people. As always it’ll be my pleasure to be your guide. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter for frequent photo & video updates of my discoveries. Wish me luck and I’ll see you next week. Ciao!

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To the power of 10 – Esxence 2018 is near


Consider yourself lucky if there’s something in your life that you feel fully dedicated to. It can be sports, music, different kinds of arts, traveling or even perfume, as in my case. Having a passion is wonderful but there’s a big part missing if you’re in it alone. Sharing a hobby with others is thousands of times better than just having a hobby. Many of my friends don’t understand fully what I see in perfume – they keep asking why do I have so many, why do I keep trying new ones. Explaining a love for perfume is in my opinion more difficult than saying why you love music but I think my friends are getting the idea & even sometimes ask for advise when they want to buy a fragrance.

If someone asked me what is the best place for meeting other people who love perfume as much as you, my answer would be – Esxence. I don’t know of a better place where the concentration of fragrance enthusiasts per square meter would be so high. Literally everyone there is interested in scents in one way or another & having the chance to talk to them is amazing. In exactly 2 months from today, on 5th of April, Milan will be ready to welcome all these people once more. This year marks a big anniversary of the scent of excellence. It will be a 10th edition of Esxence & I will be there too. It’s going to be my fifth (!!!) time going to the fair. So if you don’t have plans for early April why not consider going to Milan. We’d have so much fun together. I hope to see you there!

To learn more about this fantastic event please check out their website – esxence.com

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