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True Reflection – Introduction to Esxence 2020

We only just celebrated the arrival of 2020 with champagne and fireworks, so it’s hard to believe that January ends this week! This one month swooshed like crazy so I don’t expect the next one to slow down. The time and the world we live in are both crazy these days, aren’t they? That’s why it’s already the time to look a bit ahead, because April will be on the horizon sooner than anyone would expect. Along with the arrival of spring Esxence will be on its way to bring us all the new things.

This year will mark the 12th edition of this artistic perfumery event and for my personal records it will be the 7th time I will be attending. As much as seven is a lucky number I have to admit I feel excitement but also I’m a bit scared and intimidated for what’s to come at Esxence 2020. After 5 years at The Mall Milano the event moves to a new location – MiCo, Milan Convention Centre which is a huge upscale of the venue size, I’m sure I will feel a bit lost at first, before I learn who’s where.


Upcoming edition theme is titled “Through the Mirror”. Organizers explain their choice with these words: “A mirror that reflects the successes of 2019 and sheds light on the future, showing the path to 2020 […] Perfume is actually the mirror of our personality, with the ability to narrate our most deep being and our essence. Yet at the same time it also has the potential to reflect a more concealed, mysterious side of us, a side we have not yet revealed: what we are and what we yearn to be.”

This year’s Esxence logo features a hand holding a round mirror and its color palette is based on Living Coral and Classic Blue – Pantone colors of 2019 and 2020 respectively. Following same path I took in previous editions, Chemist in the Bottle is going to go hand in hand with Esxence as a media partner. Once the event begins I will be your nose, your eyes and your ears to show and tell you what’s new and note-worthy. Fingers crossed it will be worth the wait. It begins on April 16.

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Something Esxciting is coming

Easter is just few days away so hopefully all of us will be able to enjoy this small holiday break. With signs of spring all around it should be a real pleasure to be able to go for an afternoon walk, watch blooming trees and listen to birds singing. But then my thoughts slowly start to run away to Milan because Esxence is starting in exactly 7 days counting from today. As I mentioned in the previous post about this event, it’s coming a month later than usual. This means it’s going to be warmer, the day will be longer and hopefully the concentration of excitement in the air will be high.


Last Pitti Fragranze was a bit disappointing but Esxence seemed to be a better fair ever since I went to both for the first time. Spring is simply a better season for introducing something new. I’m truly looking forward to seeing familiar faces of all those people I consider to be my perfume friends. With most of them I can only meet twice a year so it’s a nice thing to be able to catch up. Hopefully there’ll be some great perfume to smell and admire – honestly, I need some new inspirations for the blog because as of late I find it extremely hard to find something worth sharing & reviewing for you.

I will be on my way there next Wednesday, flying from Berlin. Hope you’ll follow me again this year!

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