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What inspires – Introduction to Esxence 2019

Can you hear the Spring knocking at your door? Even though the weather still has mood swings (yesterday it brought us snow again!) there are too many signs in heaven and earth to ignore the fact that new season is almost here. In my neighborhood many tiny green buds started appearing on trees and bushes. Since 2014 there’s one more special event to mark in my Spring calendar – Esxence in Milan. To be honest with you at the beginning of this year I still didn’t know if I’ll attend, there was a lot of uncertainty and many events going on in my life. But now I decided that I’m going!


This 11th edition of Esxence, and at the same time a 6th one for me (can you believe?) is taking place surprisingly late this year – at the end of April, when it was at the end of March usually. It’s definitely going to be warmer but I wonder if magnolia blooming season will be over by the time I come to Milan again… This year’s motto is Inspiration Flow, which refers to the creative process. It’s also a play in Italian words inspirare-inspiring and ispirare-inhaling. Will the upcoming edition of the perfume fair bring a breath of something new & exciting? We’ll find out in 1,5 months.

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I’m so Esxcited!


The countdown has reached zero today and that means that the day has come! Two months after I signed up for a 10th edition of Esxence it is finally the time to start another perfume adventure in Milan. I’m so excited! Esxcited even! My suitcase is all packed and ready & I think I’m well prepared for 3 days of perfume extravaganza blended with lots of scented chatting with different people. As always it’ll be my pleasure to be your guide. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter for frequent photo & video updates of my discoveries. Wish me luck and I’ll see you next week. Ciao!

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