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Keeping it cool

Here in Poland the weather for the last couple of weeks had a lot to do with mood swings. One day it could be 26°C and the next one it could drop to just 18°C. I really don’t mind this kind of weather. Hot days exhaust me easily so I really don’t mind a cooler day intermission. As far as I can see from your comments or emails many of you suffer from heatwaves, so I thought I will share with you a simple recipe for a drink that should refresh you instantly.


Saying that you should fight fire with fire didn’t come out of nowhere. This rule also applies to this drink because you’re meant to drink it hot. Ingredients you’ll need include a little cinnamon stick, a slice of lemon and a bunch of fresh mint leaves. All you have to do is to put them all together in your favorite mug (or a pot, if you want to make more) and then pour hot water over them. Let it sit for a few minutes. Voila! Enjoy.

My mom prepared me a drink like that last Saturday and it turns out that its pretty similar to a local specialty they tried during their trip to Israel last month. The only thing that my mom skipped was honey which in original recipe was being added at the very end. But of course you could add it as well. I liked it without as I think the addition of honey flavour would be too much. In my opinion freshness of mint, juiciness of lemon and gently tingling spiciess of cinnamon are really well-balanced here. I hope this little tip will help you to cope with high temperatures. If you have other tips like this, do tell! May temperatures be ever in your favor!

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Favourite notes for summer

The university year of 2012/2013 is slowly drawing to an end. All of my exams are already done so I started my summer holidays a little bit earlier. Honestly I have never finished the exams session so early during those four years of studying. Now I can really start thinking about the summer. About relaxing and doing what I want. It sounds easy at first but then it turns out it’s not so simple. Since previous Monday I haven’t seen a single ray of sun which was saddening. On Thursday afternoon clouds started flying away and the Sun has finally appeared. Now I hope it’s gonna stay with us.

Summer in Poland is very moody. It can be really cold sometimes and the other day it can be extremely hot and humid. In the past there were very dry and very wet summers, even with floods. But lets not think about the negative things, ok? I look into the future, where an internship awaits me (edit: I didn’t get it), if its time doesn’t interfere I will go for a family holidays to Balaton in Hungary. With this summer mood I want to share with you my favourite perfume notes for summer.

Lemon – the quintessence of the summertime. Between all citrus fruits lemon is the one that I praise the most when warm months arrive. Not grapefruits, not oranges, not limes but lemons and only lemons. From June to early September I add lemon to many dishes. I put it into a fruit salad, I squeeze one whole lemon into a pot with water to add some acidic flavour which is very refreshing. For an invigorating touch it can be served with ice or you can use a fizzy water. Then I really love lemon perfumes. Citrus is one of my favourite categories. I’ve been searching for a long time to find my perfect citrus perfume and I found it this year. Eau d’Italie Acqua Decima is the newest member of my collection. It smells awesome and I love the look of the bottle.

Mint – the memory of a summer garden. Call us, Poles, a weird nation but yes, we drink hot tea in summer months. Even if it’s the heat of 30*C we like to brew a hot tea. It’s quite relaxing and it satisfies thirst really well. The best tea at that time for me is a fresh mint tea. You can put either fresh either dried (I dry mint leaves at the balcony) leaves into the cup and just pour some hot water into it. Wait a few minutes until all the best things from mint will infuse the water and it’s ready! Such tea has a lovely taste and smell, and it’s healthy! Acqua Decima combines lemon and mint, that’s why it turned out to be so appealing to me. Another interesting mint is Roadster from Cartier, L’Occitane Verdon and Annick Goutal Mandragore.

Lemon Verbena – unfortunately I can’t tell how great it smells. I have never tried smelling it in its living, green form. The only lemon verbena I experienced so far was in dried leaves. It had a lovely scent that reminds me a bit of geranium + mint + grapefruit mix. In perfume it smells just like this combination. Sometimes it can be a bit sweeter and sometimes it has a smell of a green tea. If you think that lemon verbena might be a note that will ideally work for you in June, July and August then you really should get around to try one of these perfumes: Annick Goutal Eau du Sud, Miller et Bertaux Green, Green and Green, Miller Harris Terre de Bois. They’re so good, trust me!

Neroli – the famous fragrance oil obtained from the blossom of bitter orange tree. First the flowers are collected and then they undergo a water distillation process. I love its pure, slightly honeyed smell that makes me feel like I just took a shower. My favourite neroli perfumes include Atelier Cologne Grand Neroli which I could bathe in and Prada Infusion de Fleur d Oranger. Even screechy Tom Ford Neroli Portofino which sometimes turns artificial can be quite enjoyable in the heatwave. If you’re not up for an actual perfume a lovely perfume is a drugstore or helbal shop bought orange blossom water. It has a very light smell that will perfume your body for around one hour. Great thing about it is that you don’t have to apply it only on your pulse points where you usually apply fragrance but you can sprinkle it all over your body. It’s an instant mood lifter.

How about you? Does it look like summer is coming your way already? Please share with me what are your favourite summer notes and perfume you can’t imagine your holiday season without.

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